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How to be in a consent with by itself?

Yes, are hard to be oneself sometimes. Not to mention take-off and falling, tests and difficulties through which it is necessary to pass. To learn to get on with itself very not easy if there is no self-respect.

Of course, minutes when, looking at itself in a mirror, you think happen: As I hate myself! And if it takes the chronic forms, and you stay in melancholy and grief from morning to evening, it is necessary to take immediately measures, it is necessary to do something immediately.

And not so - that is simple to reconcile to the fact that you such what is - are not more slender not more richly, not more skillfully Here if that you are happy

I often would does not know to us that a key fortunately - in our own attitude towards, to life, to people around.

Eels, excess weight, constraint Well and that? Do not allow himself to go in cycles in it. Do not take very much to heart if your acquaintances or friends consider you not capable of anything. Do not come under their influence, do not allow to put some idea to you about own otioseness.

Everything that it is necessary - to BELIEVE IN HIMSELF.

Us from young nails force to think of the figure, learn to watch what we eat because supposedly if we are not slender, so, a penny to us the price.

I nevertheless, not all of us are given birth to be supermodels.

at us different figures, hair, skin and weight. Often at many of us hair such that in the morning you will not comb them in any way, the face and a neck become covered by spots when we too get into a fuss. Nobody for all hundred percent is never happy how it looks. If you feel at ease percent so on eighty, so with you everything is all right, and here if all percent on twenty, then it is time to reconsider views of himself.

If it are not pleasant to yourself, then it is difficult to hope that you will be pleasant to somebody to another.

What is, such and is. Well and if people cannot accept you, then they will be the loser, but not you.

An interior - a peculiar combination of self-confidence and vulnerability. to us often it seems to

that others it is better, and we are ugly, boring and we irritate people around. And sometimes we doubt whether someone will want to communicate with us. Eventually, all of us make mistakes and are subject to all moods. You treat kindly both yourself and people around - all this that needs to be done. To try to reach perfection - waste of time and forces. Another matter - to be able to take all the best of what you have.

Beauty of the person - in his eyes, which, as we know, a window to the soul. exactly the soul does to

I us attractive or repellent.

Bright appearance which - that means, but it will not help if the soul is empty and insignificant.