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As the modern youth (Part 2) of

to write the second material looks and puts on, I spent not one day, wandering on the city and staying hours on squares in search of a suitable example for the description. It would not be correct to take from the head. But, unfortunately, till today I did not manage to seize the moment which would fully show a difference between the first and second part. But here I managed. I do not know, it is successful or not, to judge to you.

I go down in the subway. Already late enough. On the platform there are two girls, and more than nobody. One in thick sneakers and a short skirt, standing mesh stockings of pink color, hair black, to " steam; holes in ears - completely coincides with the description in the first part. The second girl was her girlfriend. But here it looked absolutely opposite. Standing shoes to which could envy not only the Cinderella, black color tights, women`s shorts smoothly passing in fashionable now. Hair as it seemed to me, were fair-haired are, most likely, natural color. They were long and therefore went down on a white blouse with a black sleeveless jacket. Here I also thought that I, at last, found two contrasts which will brightly show two styles.

It would be desirable to begin with distinguished. It is style of the second girl. Even you pay attention to it more - it is something, approximate to classics. And, as we know, the classical clothes were always fashionable, and will remain fashionable. I look at her face and I notice that eyes are not allocated so cruelly black, and, on the contrary, are slightly tinted in pink color. Lips not brightly - red, on them only a gloss reflected light. In ears only on one small ear ring which do a face even more perfect and finished. Speaking honestly - me it was pleasant, as they say, at first sight. With such girl it would be pleasant to speak to any person. Its look would not cause disgust as it not defiant and bright but only pleasant.

Passing to the second style and the girl at the same time, it would not be desirable to tell something bad, it would be wrong. All fashionable youth counters over time will sink into a chasm, and from brightly made up eyes there will be only nezhnovyvedeny contours of pleasant shades, from colored hair - own with a bright hairpin behind, from thick sneakers - elegant shoes which will give to the girl feminity.

If in the first case which occurred in the bus women criticized youth style, then here I would like to tell that the youth at the age puts on how it to it will like from - that friends, television, magazines, the priest - stars and mass media, but why them to blame act on them? Youth will pass as well as fashion which is transient.

Women in the tram very much were negative to exaggerated to sneakers and black hair, but why nobody will remember himself in youth? You imitated someone too and wanted to be on someone similar. So? There passed time and everything exchanged, as well as the world around you. Here and in this case, which occurred in the subway. The girl dressed classically already stepped over a barrier youth rags though her girlfriend still is under the influence of fashionable tendencies of a certain circle of people. I am sure that all tunnels in ears and exaggerated sneakers are only temporary.

Look around. Look back back. Look at those people who surround you. How they put on? Precisely most part prefers classical clothes style. So? Many already were above awkward age and now watch at the world and at fashion other eyes, and not the fact that they did not put on earlier as the girl in " too; exaggerated sneakers with pink stockings.

I needed only to put end and a sdelatyokonchatelny conclusion from all my wanderings. And a result such is. Youth - as much to these it is told. Style - practically a word synonym youth. Everyone wants to be individual, but sometimes to become such, he or she begin to look at the world other eyes. Clothes not the main thing? An essence not in how you are dressed, and that under those clothes, which on you. Be the person in exaggerated sneakers and with a heap of ear rings in ears or in shoes and trousers, and on a face there will be no piercing - in soul it will be a person. It has a heart and mind. It is same, as well as everything, it is only dressed in a different way.

Even if you are frightened by style, ask, do not push away people from - for clothes. Time can pass, and with it also the person will exchange externally.