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What the girlfriend - a gubnushka will tell of?

the Cosmetics bag of the modern woman cannot be presented without lipstick, and even several at once (moistening, resistant, liquid, gloss ), different flowers and shades. In the childhood many girls strive to make up secretly sponges mother`s lipstick, and dream to grow up rather that as well as adult aunts, to preen feathers.

Meanwhile, this irreplaceable process thanks to which it is possible to correct a shape of lips, to hide some shortcomings, to make them thinner, fuller, brighter or more pale, traces the roots back to an extreme antiquity. More than four and a half thousand years ago the Egyptian women made up lips with special sticks. It is visible, already then the result was available First mentions of emergence gubnushka carry to 1803 - mu to year when at the World Fair in Amsterdam lipstick on the basis of cervine fat was presented. Lipstick found the look, habitual for us, only more than 100 years when in 1915 - m in the USA appeared to year convenient tubes on a fatty basis later.

Each woman has preferences as well as what to make up lips with. Meanwhile, psychologists do not see in it casual actions and prove them by special classification. Speaking to words of the famous American specialist in cosmetics Cynthia Chris, if you show me the lipstick, then I will tell who you are :

the woman, ready to fight, is Behind vigorous outlines of lips desperate, resolute and always. This young woman did not get used to be interested in opinion of others and, especially, to ask someone for suggestions.

The lips which are slightly bent from top to bottom demonstrate sensitive soul. Such women prefer reserved colors and quite often redden in tone of the lipstick. They do not like to be in the center of attention and differ in fidelity.

The lips allocated by means of slightly rounded off contours , testify to the balanced personality. The woman differs in quiet temper, she did not get used to rush from one extreme to the other and to make hasty acts.

The shape of lips, as close as possible to a circle is loved by active, active women. They love sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Just repeat by means of lipstick the line of a mouth conservative

and the deprived vanities of the woman. Hardly it is possible to call such ladies independent and independent. They prefer the blazed ways designated by norms and rules rather.

Sponges bow confirm tendency of the woman to intrigues. Brightly outlined contours say that their owner tries to receive as much as possible from life.

Equipment of the correct make-up

1) we clear lips special means (tonic, lotion, a milk);

2) we apply on them a thin film of cream or hygienic lipstick;

3) we give to lips the necessary form by means of a planimetric pencil which has to be the same color, as lipstick, or is one tone more dark. If the contour is too allocated, we shade it a brush;

4) we powder lips that lipstick kept longer;

5) the main stroke - we apply lipstick;

6) we delete surplus with a napkin. If necessary we tint lips repeatedly;

7) to emphasize a form, we apply lighter lipstick or gloss on a middle part of a lower lip.

Be beautiful and happy, lovely ladies! Remain by itself and remember that you are worthy the best!