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Why for Alexander Belyaev the head of professor Douel was necessary?

at the Smolensk priest Roman Belyaev happened on March 16, 1884 replenishment in family. The mother gave birth to the third child - the boy who was named Alexander. The destiny was especially unmerciful to the senior children: the sister Nina died at children`s age of sarcoma, and the elder brother Vasily grew together with it. Before mystical, ominous incident.

Somehow time both brothers went on a visit to the uncle who invited children to drive by the boat. The senior went, and younger remained ashore, having told that he will better bathe. In hands Sasha had a piece of clay from which he began to mold the brother`s head. Having understood that nothing is impossible to it, Sasha with disappointment threw a head mold in water. As he was told then, Vasya at this moment did not cope with a current and left under water. It was not succeeded to rescue it. And the mold of the head became for Sasha a persuasive sign.

However, it happened much later, and in the first years of life he was sponsored not only by parents: pilgrims constantly gathered in the house of the father. And though in the majority it were people rather poor, but the candy on duty, a sugar piece, and even just a smile came the way of the boy very often.

Question Whom to be? did not face Sasha already from the early childhood. At the request of parents it came to a theological seminary which ended in 17 - summer age. But did not begin to take orders, and decided to become the lawyer. But the death of the father overset plans of the young man. Free from study he devoted all to job search, mother was simply killed with death of the husband and eldest son. Those difficult lean years Belyaev whom was only not: gave lessons, drew scenery for theater, played a violin in an orchestra of circus. And still the photo became its hobby. But also here head haunted it - tell that the head lying on a dish in blue tones was its favourite exposition in pictures.

The guy had one more hobby - participation in amateur theatricals. Once, when in Smolensk famous Konstantin Stanislavsky stayed, one of actors of his troupe got sick, Alexander Belyaev volunteered to replace it and played the role so brightly that Konstantin Sergeyevich, allegedly, offered it the place in theater

But not it future writer wanted. He was a romantic and dreamed of travel. On happy combination of circumstances, exactly in a year prior to World War I, it managed to podkopit money and to go to a trip across Europe. Italy, France, Switzerland left so indelible impression that Alexander Romanovich would not refuse also further trips. However, in the beginning war, and then the hardest illness - bone tuberculosis - interfered with these plans. It is difficult to imagine, but Belyaev spent three years not movably to beds, in an armor from plaster. Three more years left on developing an organism after a long lezhka.

By the way, the young wife of future writer left in a huff in the onset of the illness, having declared that she married not to look after a wreck!

But as the proverb speaks, there`s no evil without good - all these difficult years Belyaev carried out thetas - and - thetas with interesting books, and, swallowed of them that is called packs. Learned several foreign languages, was fond of articles on medicine, biology, history, equipment. Reference books of steel of work for it it is right, Wells, Tsiolkovsky. Perhaps, then ideas of those works which will shake then the world were also born!

But literature just loomed on the horizon, and it was necessary to feed mother and the old nurse. In the beginning he becomes a tutor in orphanage, then organizes a photolaboratory in criminal investigation department, and, at last, goes to library. But it not absolutely arranged in respect of money, and therefore Belyaev decided to go to Moscow.

Two years later there is its first large work - Head of professor Douel . In the beginning it was the story, later - in 1935 Belyaev changed it in the novel.

Work was printed in the " newspaper; Beep . Perhaps, this coincidence, and, maybe, the railroad publication specially collected something interesting to the passengers.

The story became popular, to believe that the head can independently live without body, very difficult soon! But the singularity the story also attracted readers.

History kept to us the comment of the author on a question: how it managed to undertake such subject?

Alexander Romanovich smiled supposedly wanted to tell, what the head without body " can test;. And then added, having dumbfounded the journalist: Generally the story has autobiographical character

Of course, he did not begin to let strangers into secrets of the Punchinello, held back both the brother, and the head on a plate in blue tones. Learned about it already much later That there told

about Belyaev, but he became for the and the subsequent generations of the Soviet people the popular writer of science. Not always even the most clever brains can intelligibly explain to the contemporaries in what direction the science what problems it solves now and how far looks in the future moves.

Before me the task in detail to cover literary inheritance of the writer is not necessary. I hope that my readers are familiar with the most interesting works of Belyaev.

I will better tell about how it left. In 1941, terrible for our country, in the spring, the writer underwent the next difficult operation. And when fascists appeared on approaches to the city to Pushkin where he lived with the family, to Belyaev suggested to be evacuated. In reply he refused: You will not take! There is no escaping fate .

The writer died of hunger on January 6, 1942. That they in hands had a famous author Heads of professor Douel Germans learned only after his death. And here they took out the second wife and the writer`s daughter to Germany. Belyaev was buried after their departure.

And me the question torments: what would be if to the young man there was no illness, and he did not become to weed literature? Whether his talent broke through then?

Unfortunately, life is arranged so that in vanity of everyday life we do not dare to find for reading so much time how many we would like. And it is a pity. Perhaps, in us dies new Alexander Belyaev.