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That for the gun - Glock ?

About this gun are put and there is a set of legends. That it all is made of plastic and ceramics it is not fixed by metaldetectors etc. and finishing costs fabulous money . Probably, owing to fabulosity of this weapon brand the guns Glok all are armed cool guys Hollywood.

But what actually represents this, in own way, unique gun?

I think that it is worth beginning with specification of some legendary features of this gun. In - the first, it is really made with use of polymers. By the way, " company; Glok - first-ever applied modern polymers - lungs, cheap, durable in production of the weapon. At the gun Glok - 17 as well as all the subsequent it clones the frame and some details are made of high-strength plastic. However a trunk, and with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism, naturally, steel. Well and it is clear that there is no gram of porcelain or ceramics in them.

In - the second, Gloki perfectly are visible not that to the frame detector, but also the most primitive metal detector. However this legend led to the fact that the owner of the company Gaston Glok was simply forced to arrange for the secretary of defense of the USA Casper Vaynberger public demonstration of the child at the airport of Vienna. The metal detector arch desperately peeped every time as soon as through it mister Glok tried to carry by the gun.

And in the third, it costs not so much Well it is clear, taking into account conditions and circumstances of purchase to

I still very few people know, but the " company; Glok (Glock G. m. b. H.) not German, and Austrian Also was engaged to the invention a miracle - the gun in production of knives, shovels and the other shantsevy tool for needs of the Austrian army.

However, this company without false modesty can declare that made revolution in a pistoletostroyeniye . After emergence of its guns practically all famous weapon brands let out the guns of the 21st century . So futuristic on design, all of them equally repeated idea Glok .

The thesis about popularity of the guns released to nobody by firm unknown 15 years ago from a quiet town Vagram can be confirmed easily, for example with such data: 17 - I model consist on arms of armies of Austria, Sweden, Norway. The NATO leaders approved it as the main samples of individual small arms. The most different Gloki serve in police and intelligence agencies of the USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia And in general - 28 countries of the world, from Ecuador to Burundi. Guns Glok - 18 C with shops of the increased capacity are armed so-called Blue Angels - secret agents of the Interpol.

But even if just to take the gun in hand, you understand at once that the Austrians created the Miracle.

For a start it should be noted that thanks to the plastic case it is much easier than the, so to say, schoolmates: 17 - y with equipped 17 - yu cartridges shop no more than 870 weigh (!) gram. For reference - The M Beret - 92 - same caliber, but two cartridges easier 950 grams weigh. And our, equipped with only eight cartridges, Makarov - 730 grams.

But the most important in this gun, among other things is its tremendous durability and reliability! It is made of high-quality steel moreover and becomes covered by a special preparation which structure is the main secret of the " company; Glok . So severely protected that even the American representative office has the right only to assemble guns from the details sent by the Austrians. To make independently - -! .

It over - the specialist - especially - a confidential covering was called tennifer . Except tremendous margin of safety which it gives to details it resists to corrosion, and can compete in hardness unless with diamond. To it the gun is obliged to one more quality - shaking survivability . With it it is possible to do anything - to leave in water, to dig in, fill up with sand And he gets a think hide To Glok so it was only possible to address with " Kalashnikov;.

At all the delights the gun Glok differs in extraordinary simplicity. In it the same old kind scheme of operation of automatic equipment famous as the " system is used; The Colt - the Browning - when automatic equipment of the gun works due to return, at the short course of a trunk. Service of the gun - children`s game. Including shop, in 17 - m - only 33 details. And it with shop. To what to break here - that?

As for shooting qualities of this gun - that it, as they say, something special . The gun is absolutely disarmed the main lack of other facilitated samples under a powerful cartridge - strong return. It is weakened by the same frame providing smooth kickback of a barrier frame after a shot. Well and of course, the anatomic handle and the lowered center of gravity. The gun lies in a hand as poured.

One more distinctive feature Glokov - their accuracy and accuracy of hits. And everything because and here Glok thought before all also suggested to make a trunk by method of cold stamping, instead of traditional drilling. As a result trunk Glok - 17 maintains up to 350000 shots.

To it there is a living example. One American decided to check the gun for reliability. And three years every day shot from the Glok . After 100000 shots it bothered it because the weapon did not undergo ANY changes. However, the shop was the only weak part of the gun . It had to be changed through each 7 - 10 thousand shots.

Well and one more devil, which at Glok you will not take away - tremendous safety at total absence of external safety locks or tags of the translator of fire. The scheme works approximately so: the first pressing a trigger releases a safety lock and cocks the drummer, switching off a clamp quickly and the blocking lever. And only continuation of pressing a hook releases baizes for blow to a cap.

As the statistics, in the USA 99,9% of cases " testifies; self-arrow with participation of the guns Glok - a consequence of maloperation with them. As a rule, it is the bullet wounds of the lower extremities received at the wrong extraction or laying of the gun in a holster.

Here here at the Austrians the gun turned out such. The gun for all times.

By preparation of this article the materials which are kindly provided by Nikita Babenko were used.