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How to diversify an interior by means of buttons?

of the Button accompany us everywhere, holding our skirts and trousers, clasping cuffs on blouses and shirts, closing our jackets. We so got used to buttons that we remember them only when we find their sudden loss.

It is necessary to tell that in former times buttons were favourites of the world of fashion and represented the real jewelry. The buttons which are cut off from worn-out clothes carefully were stored and transferred as part of a family inheritance.

The value of buttons significantly decreased today, however in any house and now it is possible to find impressing on the weight and volume of a collection of buttons.

Depart from historically appropriated role of a button to be a fastener. Also it will turn out that buttons are surprisingly bright material for creativity.

You can attach a familiar button from a blouse to the dial on hours, to boxes, wattled rugs and kitchen napkins. Entered in the colourful handles mixed with an embroidery or covered with spangles they reflect versatility of your imagination.

Having created the hands some lovely bagatelle for an interior of your dwelling, you will never not consider a button as something habitual and insignificant any more.

I will tell you only about the few, but the closest to my amateur heart ideas of change of an interior with buttons.


Button hours will have to the yard in any house. They can be presented as a gift or a surprise. Both that, and another will be pertinent.

It will be required to you: the dial,

a clockwork with shooters,



a pricker,

of 12 buttons on your taste.

The mechanism for hours can be bought in a watch repair shop, and it is possible to act simpler: to buy inexpensive Chinese watch with unpretentious design and to take out from them.

Hours with children`s buttons will become effective ornament for a nursery (I think, your child will quicker learn to define time with such hours); buttons with hearts will give to your souvenir a romantic shade, and with taste the picked-up buttons aged for certain will please your grandmother.

Anyway, a scope for the imagination at you enough. It is possible to paint dial tesemochka, ribbons, additional buttons.

Very attractively the dial fitted by matter looks.

It is necessary to remember at the same time that fabric should not be too motley. Otherwise you risk to admire always hours, forgetting to look at time which they broadcast at the same time.

Absolutely not necessarily buttons have to be pasted, they can be sewn, and also to tie to the dial a leather or satin ribbon.

A pillow for darling.

Present to the darling a pillow - heart, embroidered by nacreous buttons. It will not be possible to fall asleep a sweet dream, however, on it, however such pillow will introduce a little romanticism in your bedroom.

A support for handles and pencils.

Fill multi-colored buttons and beads in a deep bowl. In them easily pencils and handles will also be gracefully stuck.

I wish all pleasant button creativity! Derive pleasure from production of man-made things and their donation.