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How it is correct to drink mate?

As a rule, Europeans make mate as tea - in a teapot and drink from a cup. I, of course, doubt that at such way of drink at once all useful properties of mate are lost, but, nevertheless, ancient Indians considered that making mate thus, you kill with boiled water to a shower of mate and destroy all useful components.

I as a result, is lost its force and value.

By the way, sort what mate? Tea - man`s, coffee - man`s or average, here milk - an average, and mate female.

The matter is that according to the legend of Indians of the tribe of guarani (who the first began to use leaves and escapes of a bush of Yerba Mate more than 9 thousand years ago) it is considered that mate is a beautiful girl whom god Virakochi turned into an evergreen tree that people lived on the earth long and happily, using this vivifying drink.

Curative properties of mate not only relieve of stresses, a depression and fatigue, but also give force, improve mood, stimulate work of a brain, make positive impact on immune system.

Mate not only adults, but also children since mate contains vitamins (And, C, E, B1, B2) and substance activity, necessary for maintenance, such as potassium, calcium, iron, sodium, manganese, magnesium, silicon, phosphates, matein, etc. can drink

For example, my child who since the birth had catarrhal diseases approximately once a month in 2 years itself tasted mate from my kalabas and periodically drank it in spite of the fact that the winter with its flu epidemic did not end yet, nevertheless, to it now 2,5 and he yet was never ill since then.

Besides, mate does not cause accustoming, uneasiness or sleep disorders, and on the contrary, removes nervous excitement and promotes energy accumulation, increases intellectual and physical activity, working capacity and endurance. Matein, in turn, prevents accumulation of lactic acid and takes off fatigue after physical activities.

Moreover, mate is recommended to be drunk that who wants to grow thin since its use reduces feeling of hunger, thereby, distracting you from excessive consumption of food.

To keep all curative properties of this drink, first of all, it is necessary to observe a ceremony a matepitiya, i.e. it is correct to make and drink mate not from a cup, and from the ware which is specially intended for this purpose - a kalabasa and bombizh.

So, several words about ware. Kalabasa`s

happen wooden, bone, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, but as the best of them are considered pumpkin since. they provide optimum temperature condition of a zavarivaniye and keep flavoring characteristics of mate.

Bombizhya is slightly curved tubule in which top part there is a mouthpiece, and in the lower part the special filter is inserted. They are made of various materials too, but best of all will be suitable for a pumpkin kalabas bamboo bombizhya.


Real mate zolotisto - green color, dry and consists of small stalks, leaflets and light dust.

Before making mate, it is necessary to prepare kalabas. For this purpose it is filled up up to the top with tea leaves of mate and filled in with boiled water. In a day kalabas clear the silver spoon heated on naked flame and then carefully rinse.

So, for the correct preparation of mate it is recommended to fill in kalabas on 2/3 volumes Yerba Mate tea leaves. But, based on own experience, I will note that for the first time there will be enough 2 - 3 teaspoons.

Further, incline kalabas so that tea leaves were poured to one wall, and near another emptiness was formed. To an empty wall on a bottom of a kalabas place bombizhyyu, having covered the top opening with a thumb that blades did not filter.

Small portions gradually add cold or hot water. Waters has to be a little so that slightly to moisten tea leaves.

After that add in kalabas water not more hotly than 70 - 80 C, if to make mate boiled water, then flavoring properties are quickly lost and drink begins to taste bitter. After filling by hot water of mate it is possible to begin to drink already in a few minutes. You should not overdo since from long insisting of mate tastes bitter too.

Drink mate without hurrying, sipping small drinks through bombizhyyu. It is almost impossible to burn at drink since. the cold water poured at the beginning of preparation protects from it.

Mate can be drunk, adding milk, sugar, jam, honey, and sometimes even rum (but it for fans and definitely not for children). In more detail and with pictures read here.

After kalabas completely became empty, in it add hot water again. The quantity of dolivka depends on quality used by mate, but on average it is 2 - 3 tea leaves.

I pay your attention that behind a pumpkin kalabas special leaving is necessary: after everyone a matepitiya it needs to be cleaned, washed up and to dry up well. It is necessary to store it in the pure and dry place.

In all legends is narrated that mate is the award to people for kindness, hospitality and nobility sent in order that life human became easier and more joyful. Use gifts of the nature and good luck.