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TV - reflection of life?!

of 127 killed and about 200 wounded, 17 broken cars, 2 motorcycles and one plane crash, 14 attempts of suicide and 34 attempts of rapes, 98 explosions, 1 destroyed skyscraper and one nuclear war

Approximately such is result of experimental viewing of cinema - and television movies for only one days on five national channels: 1 - m, RTR, NTV, TVC and REN - TV.

Judging by this inexhaustible flow of movies and TV series, people of Earth so like to be shot, blow up, crash, to be pricked, to beat muzzles to be thrown with each other, to heat each other in cement and the boiling lava that they are engaged in it day and night wherever they were: houses, at school, by the floating ships, the flying planes and even on other planets. In breaks between these occupations characters manage to drink alcohol gallons, to use a great lot of tobacco and drugs, to update tattoos, piercing and baud - an art, and on - fast to oversleep with all who will appear nearby, despite of age and a floor.

It is difficult to imagine a condition of aliens if those a case come on a wave of our channels and will plunge into an information field in which terrestrial inhabitants live. Therefore, worrying about mental health of poor humanoids, it would be necessary to supply each movie with the strict prevention - 16 light years are closer to the Aliens living at distance, it is forbidden to look! - where to them to hardy people, even cubs of which, being in it culturally - information chaos, manage somehow to survive.

Aliens if they try to analyse a stream of our advertizing will be not less surprised. They will find out that on the planet Earth there live only one terrible dirty creatures with decayed teeth who are sneezing, champing eternally sexually anxious and smoothly sweating beings who fight in convulsions from thirst, of exercise machines and a chilling chewing gum, - such conclusion can be taken from advertizing plots.

On the planet Earth walk about absolutely fearless the person which are not afraid of either natural, nor social cataclysms, nor especially invasion of aliens or falling of huge meteorites. In any case, such fears at TV viewers are absent, and transfers about global warming or the Apocalypse, judging by ratings, look unless odd fellows or pensioners. But people of Earth just tremble with one thought of microbes on a toilet bowl, ketchup specks on a carpet, and the little man with the inscription easy hunger or (it is terrible to tell!) sweat smell - cause just wild horror! All who do not manage to change the channel during TV commercial perfectly know that autoforeign cars fly jambs and jump as frogs that ten dollars sometimes happen not superfluous or that the hat is especially tasty with fresh ketchup Repetition - mother of the doctrine - truth, as well as possible suitable to TV commercial. Another matter - not everyone at us remembers the leading positions on mortality on roads, mass character of suicides or on oncological diseases.

However, inscription it seems The Excessive use of advertizing is dangerous to your health! advertisers will not allow (though by lobbying of the State Duma), and for aliens, perhaps, it will be irrelevant: while fly behind purchases - goods will become rotten, slogans will become outdated, and firms will go bankrupt.

So - you need to give good advice: if on the screen of yours TV set the continuous nightmare and silent horror is created - you do not hurry to throw out it in a window. Accurately to cut with rather sharp scissors with plastic handles a network wire - and you can sleep peacefully!