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What to be engaged in when disconnected electricity?

I faced this question when my unruly neighbors from above decided to be engaged in the next repair. There was a feeling that we coped with it by forces of all front door, sitting without light

But that the most awful, I understood: from - for some trifles people to themselves spoil mood and for nothing spend words and nervous cages. Tranquility, only tranquility! It that`s nothing unusual famous Karlsonchik said to all. Honestly, if at you disconnected electricity, so you were given a fine opportunity not to swear, and:

to Meditate, dream, look at itself from outside Admit to

whether so often in turmoil of daily affairs you have time on yourself, on the thoughts? And when you last time dreamed, here is so sincere, childly? Now you had a unique chance: settle more conveniently, cover eyes and go to fascinating travel in or in the future! Now for you there are no borders!

to Pay more attention to close people.

Whoever it was: mother, the child or darling, you remember: they always need communication with you. Perhaps now that time to help the child to overcome fear of darkness? Or to talk to parents about their problems? Or to light candles, an aromalampa and to be engaged in detailed studying of each other?

to Study all functions mobile or the personal computer.

Girls, admit honestly how many months to yours new to phone? One, two or, perhaps, half a year? And you are still confused in functions of a fast call and cannot adjust e - mail - the agent, referring to a lack of time? I think, now at you is it enough (only in advance think of charging). Not to read the instruction in any way? Why it to you? Really everything can be learned only in practice! Well, as a last resort, there are candles

By the way, about candles It for girls is more than

too. Never envied that mysterious, even, one may say, to magic times when the electricity did not exist at all? When, sitting in a monastic cell narrow byl the monk " wrote down;?. Perhaps it is a high time to become the princess or the tsarevna, to light a candle and to write Yes anything!!! From sentimental love verses before planning of life the next week! Your romanticism not only will not suffer from it, but also will increase!

Of course, it is not everything, than it is possible to occupy itself in bezelektrichesky time . But about such simple things how to breathe fresh air or to observe, looking in a window, after the passing people and the rain drops diving on a window sill, I think, you should not write.

And the last: if everything was disconnected when on the computer was almost added course or article Even I do not know what here to tell. Click on " just more often; To Keep !

Success in all undertakings!!!