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What we know of Maris Jansons?

the Conductor, the Latvian by origin, Maris Jansons are one of the most famous world conductors of our time. His name is known in any country, connect the well-known orchestras of the different countries with it. Having surprising conductor`s talent, Jansons quickly reached a world fame and recognition. It possesses that surprising energy with which loads all orchestra so that concerts go over with the stunning success. The orchestra of the Bavarian radio headed by it became for a short time one of the most known orchestras of the world.

With Latvia Jansons is connected by only an ethnic origin. He was born in 1943 in Riga in a family of the conductor Arvid Jansons and opera singer. Maris`s birth was saddened by war - the family had to test a lot of things. The father of the conductor was Latvian, and mother - the Jew. During war the brother and the father of mother of Maris were killed in the Riga ghetto and to avoid death, she had to disappear constantly.

In 1946 the father Marisa Arvid Jansons won a national award, and famous Evgeny Mravinsky appointed him the assistant in the Leningrad philharmonic hall.

Soon all family moves to St. Petersburg (at that time Leningrad) on permanent residence. Here young Jansons comes to the Leningrad conservatory on a class of a piano and conducting. His father, however, dreamed that the son continued to be engaged in a violin, but Maris chose for himself absolutely other direction in life what he was never sorry subsequently about.

Upon termination of the Leningrad conservatory in 1969 Maris Jansons studies conducting at Herbert von Karajan in Salzburg and at Hans Swarowski in Vienna. Maris won the first victory at the International competition of Karajan in 1971.

Since 1973 Maris works hand in hand with Evgeny Mravinsky in the Leningrad philharmonic hall, and since 1979, Jansons already heads a philharmonic orchestra Oslo. It was very productive period in his life and at this particular time it gains the world fame. Jansons constantly goes on tour worldwide, and also registers with the largest symphonic orchestras of the world. In 1992 Jansons was invited to conduct the London philharmonic orchestra, and in 1997 he becomes the musical director of the Pittsburgh symphonic orchestra.

The hard work and constant tours nearly cost life to the great conductor. In 1996, at one of concerts in Oslo, Jansons had a heart attack. Slightly earlier, during a concert, directly on a scene his father, famous Arvid Jansons died.

Later surgeons from Pittsburgh performed brilliant operation on installation to Maris Jansons of a pacemaker which promotes prevention of cardiac arrest.

B 2003 - m to year Jansons already heads an orchestra of the Bavarian radio, and in 2004 - the m - accepts a post of the chief conductor of the Amsterdam orchestra Kontsertgebau which he holds still.

In 2006 he was invited to Vienna to conduct the orchestra executing the New Year`s concert. Besides, the same year, Maris Jansons was elected actor of year on MIDEM`2006.

The initial contract for work with the Dutch orchestra of Jansons was concluded for three years. This period expires in 2007, however, the conductor is full of plans for the future. One of its plans is conducting by an orchestra directed by Carmen`s opera.

Jansons connects the life rather with St. Petersburg, than with Latvia. Within three decades he teaches here and works as the conductor of one of the most famous orchestras of Russia - an orchestra of Sankt - the St. Petersburg philharmonic hall. In St. Petersburg there is his house, there live his wife Irina and the daughter who works at the Maryinsky Theater. In Sankt - the St. Petersburg house of the conductor there is also his collection of world awards.

Jansons received one of the numerous awards in Vienna - an award for Honour and Advantage.

Now he heads two world-wide well-known orchestras - Kontsertgebau in Amsterdam and an orchestra of the Bavarian Radio. Maris Jansons is also an honorary member of the London Royal Musical Academy, and also the Austrian musical commonwealth; besides, he is the winner of an award of the Grammy in the USA.

B Maris Jansons becomes 2004 the sixth conductor in Amsterdam Kontsertgebau`s destiny. Since 1998 he repeatedly conducts this orchestra, as the invited conductor, at once having won hearts of the Dutch public.

Jansons constantly goes on tour worldwide. In due time he was invited to conduct such well-known orchestras as the Berlin philharmonic orchestra, the Vienna philharmonic orchestra, the Boston symphonic orchestra, the Chicago symphonic orchestra, the Clevelend orchestra from Philadelphia, New - the York philharmonic orchestra, the Israeli philharmonic orchestra and the London philharmonic orchestra.

Except world famous disks with record of a philharmonic orchestra from Oslo, Jansons registered also with Kontsertgebau`s orchestra, Berlin, Vienna, London philharmonic orchestras, and also with an orchestra from Philadelphia.

Many of these records received the international awards among which and the Dutch award of Edison. The very first records with a royal orchestra of Kontsertgebau were highly appreciated by critics and public.

Jansons is an owner of the award Grammy which he received for record of the thirteenth symphony of Shostakovich in Cannes. Besides, for the merits, Maris Jansons received several national awards, such as the Cross for Merits handed personally by the king of Norway Harold and also membership in the London Royal musical academy and membership of the Vienna society of fans of music.