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The love has language?

of 5 languages of love

used to be appeared to me in Moscow about two Weeks ago. And it would be enough - usual travel at first sight, as well as all previous which it was necessary to visit if not one BUT. Incidentally found Gary Chapman`s book in the sister of the house, under the name 5 languages of love and the inscription was a little lower than the name: Manual. All long travel this book accompanied me and, has to tell, it is much interesting - simple truth I gathered from there.

Gary Chapman is a practical family psychologist who studied problems of different people and different families about twenty years. In the book he gives examples of difficult family situations and a way of an exit from them. But all this, based on five languages of love!

And so! The most interesting that I gathered from this book - it is the description of five languages of love! Love, probably, the most mysterious word, expression, concept, feeling, phenomenon or It something, distinct definition to which so nobody to this day to give and cannot And it appears, at each of us and love different, we love differently and we express the love to other people differently as we consider have to love us. And not always this expression - that is our language of love, is language of love of your darling. From it sometimes he feels insufficiently loved by us, and we, in turn, cannot understand in what business, in our understanding and it is necessary to love is not so abstract

Now. Ways to express the love were created a little, to be exact five. Qualitative time, physical touch, words of support, acts of service and donation of gifts.

of the Word of support. For people whose language of love are words of support, your approvals of their actions or just encouragement will be the real expression of love. At the difficult moment to your dear person will be to hear what it clever, good enough, tremendous as easily at it everything turns out in life. To feel your love, to it as air, at least once in day, it is necessary to hear from you that you consider that at it everything will turn out that his next idea - is obligatory will pour out in something standing. Also believe, for the sake of you he will pull up trees. To it it is unimportant how often you will embrace him and to kiss, or to go with it to the cinema and theaters if only you told that at it surely everything will turn out.

Of course, it is not necessary to give vent to flattery, but that the person dear to you felt that his vessel of love is full to the brim, try to tell and listen more often to his mad ideas, or just to encourage when there are problems.

Qualitative time. Many women and men not an exception, often speak: he or she do not pay me attention. While the second half, being perplexed, declares: as so, we constantly go together to cafe, cinema, restaurants! And so, qualitative time is that time when you sit next, look to the darling in the face and talk, it is possible how he spent day, perhaps just about weather and any nonsenses. But the main thing is time - let it will be 10 - 15 minutes, and maybe two hours, you entirely and undividedly give to the half, without being distracted by calls of phones, a decisive match by soccer and favourite series. And at this moment your soulmate will feel as strongly you love her.

Acts of service. Many speak, to love - means to do something for each other. The third language of love also consists in it - to do something for the darling or darling. In families it is usually shown as homework of the wife - she cleans up, washes his clothes, prepares for it to eat, expressing, thus, as strongly loves it. And there is no imagination limit. Usually, if language of love of the woman is acts of service, then the man can show it as strongly he loves it, having only vacuumed houses or having washed the dishes

Donation of gifts. All like to receive gifts, and not only for holidays, but also just like that because mood good. However there are people who do not feel like darlings if their second half does not give them gifts. In this case this is not about expensive surprises and bouquets of roses every day, a gift it is possible to make also with own hands. If you notice as your darling even to the simple camomile broken from a bed on the way home strongly rejoices, then perhaps you should reflect It is rather easy. It is possible to take for the rule to give gifts once a week, just to come with a bouquet of flowers, or with a figure of the Cupid. And it is even better to make a card in the form of heart and to write there as strongly you love Believe, similar will not remain unnoticed, but the main thing the vessel of love of your dear person will be full!

Physical touch. Here everything that is connected with a touch to the person is meant. Many men confuse a physical touch and the sexual relations though, they, per se, are making this language of love too. But only to components! A physical touch - your language of love - if you need every day a touch of the darling. Let it will be only embrace, leaving for work or at a meeting; a gentle fleeting touch to a cheek or the hand fingering your hair. You cannot live also day without touch. And if it is bad - it is necessary to bury in a shoulder and then at once it will be good and then you will feel as strongly you are loved

It very shortly. Basic. More interestingly, much more interestingly and more colourfully in Gary Chapman`s book 5 languages of love . Of course, nobody peddled old stuff here, but nevertheless Having read this book even I reflected for a long time. At first over a question: and what my language of love? And my mother, father, sister?. And similar expression of love can be shown even to the relatives, not only darlings. To tell honestly, it is hard, but, I think that efforts are worth it. Besides the person can have several languages of love - one main, and the second - accompanying. It as if a big puzzle, having solved which you begin to think of the actions and words more often.

the Question only in one. Whether you are capable to talk to the darlings in their language of love? Very seldom couples meet identical languages of love. And each of us not always concedes each other. Therefore it is important to solve for himself - whether YOU are ready to concede?! As we know, the love is a self-sacrifice to what degree, to solve to you On the other hand, present two people, one speaks on Chinese, and another - Spanish, and they madly love each other, but how to them to agree, at least about an elementary meeting if any of them does not want to learn language of another?!. Well, everything in our life seems difficult, but actually, everything is very simple And main, all in your hands.

PS: And it is a peculiar review of the book, the people wishing to read which, I already write down in lists