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What we love a pepper for?

surely are present At our table two seasonings, red and black. Both that, and another is called pepper. And just as it is red - the black roulette brings into an agiotage of hazardous players, and pepper stirs blood of fans well to eat.

Why they are so various? Yes just because it is absolutely different plants. Pepper siliculose (Capsicum) - a plant of family of Solanaceous (Solanaceae). Homeland its Central America.

And black pepper (Piper nigrum) - a sort from India. It is the liana forming inflorescences - the brushes similar to grapes clusters. On each cluster grows to 50 small green balls. They are dried up, without clearing of pulp, and receive black peas familiar to us.

In general that, except them exists a set of other types of pepper and pseudo-pepper, green and white, gray and brown, but our story only about red siliculose pepper.

The nightshade and potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes, tobacco and a belladonna enter an extensive family of solanaceous. And red pepper have a set of versions, to fifty too.

Use only three of them differing with causticity more often: sharply - the burning Cayenne, red siliculose, and absolutely not burning sweet paprika called by a paprika. Burning pepper often unite under the name Chile .

Why causticity of pepper depends? From a kapsaitsin. It is the alkaloid which received the name from the Latin name of pepper - kapsikum. Alkaloids - powerful biologically active agents. Among them there is a caffeine, cocaine, strychnine. Here in it is that to a row and kapsaitsin, and thanks to it pepper are so popular.

Causticity of pepper is measured in skovillyakh. This unit of measure was offered in 1911 by the German chemist Vilbur Skovill. Causticity of a kapsaitsin is taken for 16 million skovilly. At a paprika causticity is equal to zero, and at the most burning red pepper about 850 thousand of skovilly.

Except a kapsaitsin pepper contains dyes, vitamins, oils Even it is more vitamin C in pepper, than in a lemon, orange, strawberry. From minerals pepper is rich with iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus.

But we will leave in detail to analyze what is in pepper to chemists is their destiny. And to us it is important, than pepper is useful in a complex.

First of all, it is used for giving to dishes of causticity, sharpness, a peculiar freshness. Pepper significantly intensifies digestion, increases secretion of gastric juice, improves work of a liver.

The paprika is used also in itself as vegetable.

Burning pepper makes a basis of the spicy mix curry some types of ketchups, tomato sauces for tinned fish. As spice it is often added to soups, especially to soup - kharcho and to the Ukrainian borsch.

Season with it fish, meat, sausages. In any case, even the simplest macaroni is improved in combination with red pepper. Reached that in some countries began to let out ice cream with an additive of red pepper. And of course, vodka is good with pepper.

It is interesting that in the southern countries, and also in the south of our country, pepper is used much more willingly, than in the north. And it with an ulterior motive - on a heat the peppered food remains longer as pepper suppresses activity of microorganisms.

Here it is a high time to talk about curative properties of pepper. Chili pepper normalizes work of a brain, treats some benign tumors, atherosclerosis. It helps at bronchial asthma, reduces allergic reactions. To them treat cough and quinsy, warn flu.

Application of pepper as a part of ointments and plasters as distracting, warming and an anesthetic for treatment of radiculitis, arthritis, neuralgia and rheumatic pains is well-known.

Kapsaitsin reduces arterial pressure and dilutes blood, interfering with formation of blood clots. Use of pepper for restoration of indumentum and disposal of dandruff is rather new.

However, any nutritionist will advise patients to exclude hot dishes from a diet. But it patient. And healthy it is possible. By the way, reflect, not therefore whether healthy people are healthy that they love pepper?