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What occurs in the Kiev caves?

On the suburb of Kiev, in the farm Free that in the natural boundary Tserkovshchina near Okruzhnaya Road there is a small man`s monastery. There is an entrance to the monastery, most ancient in Kiev, - a cave. According to the official version of a cave were dug in the 11th century by monks among whom there was also Theodosius of the Caves, one of those who based Kiyevo subsequently - Pechersky monastery. But there is an opinion that caves appeared long before it here.

How many in Kiev of caves? Scientists say that more than 300. Cold narrow corridors, but without dampness of a cellar. The silence which does not din in the ears and deafly presses. Conversation necessarily passes to whisper. It seems blasphemous to disturb rest of these places. You remain itself alone... with what? With, with the soul, good luck? Here even deeply faithless are covered by some awe, concern, begin to think who you are? Worm terrestrial? A mote in Space? You one - an odineshenka, and only a candle flame your incorrect and flickering satellite. God forbid to it to go out.

Here Kitayevsky caves leave the woman and sits down near me on a bench at an entrance. Without addressing anybody specially, she speaks: - To me so well here, every time, coming into caves, I at once feel how at heart it becomes easier . And here man: - To me it is terrible there. I absolutely not so lived!

Obikhozhennye Lavrskiye caves do not make such impression not in the least. There the herd from 30 - 40 tourists gallop rushes for the guide who should pass somewhat quicker the worn-out route because time - money. Sometimes it slows down the run that in one of underground churches hasty to tell to laymen as monks deceived the trustful people, giving bones of animals for relics of Saints. Do not trust it! And as its language turns to tell it! These places are sacred, despite everything.

It is not sophisticated that believers try to lag behind crowd. To be put to sacred relics, to ask for Reverends of healing and protection before God.

But the divine force of shrines is so big that even not in forces to profane daily crowds of impious tourists caves. I think that I will not make a great sin, having given what curious visitors do not understand: Lavrskiye of a cave is some kind of lightning rod. They endow themselves that crowds of profane persons did not rush in silence of other Kiev caves where only those who really know why he came there come.

And the thunder burst. In the night of May 21, 2005 in Monastery, in Near caves at a depth about 6 meters soil fell off. Experts estimated that the volume of a collapse made 10 - 15 cubic meters. Among the main reasons of a collapse excessive humidity of the soil was called. In the top part of Monastery technogenic streams of ground waters which disperse on all pechersky slope are revealed and pereuvlazhnyat sand over cave passes. The source of emergence of excess moisture is still not revealed.

The important role was played also by insufficient financing of the reserve. However, the Cabinet of Ukraine allocated with the order of October 25, 2006 to the Ministry of construction, architecture and zhilishchno - municipal services of 1,1 million hryvnias for mitigation of consequences of a collapse in Near caves of Kiyevo - Pechersky monastery. But it is, as they say, a drop in the ocean.

By the way, despite danger and bans, persistent pilgrims continue to visit caves. Monks claim that to go to vaults where Saints lie, it is safe because collapses occur in the tunnels closed for believers.