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How it is correct, short and clear to write even on the Internet?

Brevity - the sister of talent!

Once upon a time there was a person. Called him Rudolf Flesh. He died recently. A flash card - not its invention. Its invention was called Flesh`s aphorisms. It rules which do the text more readable, clear and interesting. Rudolf Flesh considered that any person can become the writer if it is simple to him is what to tell. It is only necessary to write as you speak, plus simple rules.

Flesh offered seven rules which observance will allow to make the text more readable.

1. Use admissible reductions.

2. Whenever possible make offers without use of the word that .

3. Use pronouns I we they and you .

4. Referring to some concept expressed to nouns, repeat the word or use the corresponding pronoun; you should not look for colourful replacement.

5. Use short, clear offers.

6. In the paragraph only one question has to be taken up.

7. Write in the language clear to the reader.

And still, according to Flesh, the text is good only when in it is mute there are no unnecessary digressions.

From duty regulations in the sphere of PR of one large corporation: Authors of texts for mass media have to remember the following common truths on extent of increase of importance:

Avoid bulky words.

Avoid excess words.

Avoid a cliche.

Avoid pseudoscientific lexicon.

Avoid a professional slang.

Avoid abbreviations.

Use active voice.

Be concrete.

Be simpler.

Be short.

Be organized.

Be convincing.

Be clear.

And here several councils from Mikhail Gruzdev.

1. Never trust built in in Word to system of spelling and syntax, check texts. Seven times check

2. Do offers as it is possible well.

3. Read aloud what you wrote. Perhaps, your creation will be read aloud or to retell. And it is better, ask to make it somebody.

4. Do not use in one offer two similar on sounding or sense of words. The Economical economy possesses pronounced economic effect . Well, or memorable souvenirs price list of the prices etc.

5. Be afraid of office turns when simple verbs are replaced with participles or adverbial participles! In it Rudolf Flesh of the rights for 100%! The verb designates action. Making active transaction on currency exchange the person just exchanges currency.

6. Do not write the first occurred words. Usually it is just habitual speech stamps which kill interest at once. To whom are interesting people in white " dressing gowns; or in gray overcoats .

7. Try to do as little as possible mistakes. Illiteracy distracts from thoughts of the author. It seems, everything is clear, but not that! Though, it is guilty, samoshibok I allow much

8. In elements of opposition of the active hero it is better to put on the first place. The Good overcomes the evil it is better, than The Evil will be overcome by good . Too it is better to put important words and active verbs in the beginning of the offer.

And main council: consider each phrase, just try to reduce it without loss of sense.

And at the end - a joke in a subject. - Listen to

, you though sometimes read what you write? there is no

- I am a writer, but not the reader!