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On what technologies it is better to do the websites?

In this to article it will be a question of technical capabilities of a hosting. Question: why to the client to know about technical capabilities of a hosting and to stuff the head with unnecessary problems, unless it is not a task of studio a web - design - to pick up the best technology? Not absolutely so. Technologies which are supported one hosting - provider can not be supported by another. If a web - the studio chooses technology which seldom who supports from a hosting - the companies, and tomorrow the client will not like his current hosting and he will decide to replace a hoster, then, most likely, he will long look for those companies which are supported by rare technologies and for certain the choice will be small and averages should reconcile to something on quality and the price, or to pay money a web - studios for transfer of the website on new technologies. Money and time will be anyway lost. This is not about the static websites designed only on HTML - such websites can be placed with any provider, but the century of the similar websites already passed also owners such the Internet - representations look is very unprofitable against the competitors with the interactive dynamic websites.

On the arising question - whether there are modern and universal technologies supported by the majority a hosting - providers, it is possible to give the firm answer - yes, is. The scripting PHP programming language (it is read pi - eych - pi) and the MySQL database belong to such technologies. Both the first, and the second belong to technologies with an open code, that is, these technologies can be used free of charge, develop them and support a large number of programmers - enthusiasts of the whole world, this their main difference from the closed commercial technologies such as ASP, SQL. There is a question - who will be responsible if the website written for PHP and MySQL glitches because of any internal error in PHP or MySQL? If it is a noncommercial product, then to whom to make a complaint? In - the first, PHP and MySQL by right are considered as the most reliable technologies as the technologies developed by all world community quickly are debugged if there is any mistake. In - the second, the client can buy the license for support of PHP and MySQL which will give him the chance immediately to address developers of technologies in case of any mistakes which occurred not because of creators of the website. Thus, the client will secure himself for all 100%.

The PHP and MySQL technologies support the majority a hosting - providers as they are compatible practically to all operating systems, are easy in installation, control, operation and have wide functionality. Moreover, the hosting with PHP and MySQL on the UNIX/Linux operating systems is the cheapest hosting. For comparison, the hosting with support of the ASP, SQL technologies under control of the Windows operating system costs for 50% - 70% more expensive and possesses smaller reliability first of all because of big instability of work of Windows. Windows is a convenient operating system for the personal computer, but badly works as a server operating system. For this reason the website of the company Microsoft, being the Windows developer, is on a hosting with the Linux operating system.