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Whether it is possible to reach career heights without the higher education?

very great value in our country is attached to the Higher education. Presentation of the diploma on interview a decisive factor for employment becomes frequent. Payment tariffs, besides, in many structures depend on existence of a crust about the higher education. And career development is often connected with its presence at a personal record.

But what to do if you have no higher education. Or it is received, and you even worked that profession which seized - and understood: not mine. To put an end to yourself, considering that above the first step you will never rise - not our way. It is better to change the relation to this question, having changed minus on plus .

Problem. I feel dickey because that I have no diploma .

Recipe. Stop to be trampled down on one place, begin to move forward. Pull out the head from sand and look back. Find motivation, set the object and systematically move to it. You are afraid to change a job only because you have no corresponding vocational education? But you have an accurate understanding that that sphere where you work now, does not suit you. Find forces to admit it. Formulate a specific goal of the activity. Plan ways of achievement. And - start! To change the life, much is not necessary - just take the first step. Never late to change the profession.

Example. Marina long time worked at school. So far uncontrollable pupils, nervous parents and a ridiculous salary did not force it to submit the notice of resignation. Having taken a view of the area, she saw that in the next vicinities there is not enough small flower shop. In five years its little shop acquired branches on all city. And Marina has no theoretical base about conducting trade at all. She speaks: Of course, it was terrible! But I broke all process of opening of shop into tiny steps: today I go to the tax inspection, tomorrow I order racks. Behind small short steps it was not visible to all globality of my invention. I think that it could achieve to me desirable result .

Problem. Unless it is not important, I have a vocational education or not?

Recipe. the Higher education - it is good, but there is more to come. It only means that you are able to study. The yesterday`s student does not become a professional automatically, this rank it is necessary to deserve for years of practical work. As often yesterday`s students, getting to real work, hear: Forget all you were taught to!

Example. Olga got an education of the environmental engineer. And even worked at the large enterprise, receiving not the smallest salary. But the conventionalism of office brought it to sharp change of activity. She always liked to sew, having learned it independently. Having gathered with courage, Olya went to Fashion house which was just on the way to her former work. More than once she looked in its windows, going to the boring papers. And it was taken to a position of the seamstress. Today she heads one of departments of this Fashion house.

Problem. Without the higher education I will not be able to reach decent career heights .

Recipe. Will be enough so to think - just work! It is not necessary to be shaken long. Many professions can learn, going beaten paths. You want to become a journalist? Begin to write, without waiting until you have a diploma. Be published in small newspapers and magazines. So you will start necessary acquaintances and you will fill hand.

Example. Natalya Alekseevna ran away from design bureau where she developed several years projects of lamps, cases and sofas, in to the politician. She did not gain the diploma about the corresponding education, and here a chair of the mayor of one of the cities of Russia - yes.

the Problem. How I will be able to work in collective where are more and more qualified, than I?

Recipe. None of colleagues will study your diplomas because only the good end result interests all. If you can reach it, without having a crust about the higher education, then in what a problem?

Example. Ekaterina managed to lift business of the girlfriend on new heights exactly thanks to lack of vocational education. Nothing without understanding advertizing bases, she offered absolutely non-standard ideas, than attracted new orders and the big fees to firm.

Problem. Interviewers can just throw out my summary if they do not see the word " there; the highest in the column education .

Recipe. your trump. Explain that you spent time for acquisition of skills, but not on a prosizhivaniye over abstracts. However, even if you dullly spent the last three years, nobody prevents you to speak about the desire to work, work and work . Experience and enthusiasm make salutary impression. Prove that even your nonprofessional interests can do good to your career. The employer can prefer the candidate with three years` experience of interviewing in crowd to the candidate who studied three years and did nothing any more.

Example. Lena got a job in the fashionable magazine. And in its summary in the column Education fat line was the words " are underlined; full average . But it threw out before the interviewer such number of the literary opuses published in the small local newspaper that it was hired without sound.

As you can see, there are no restrictions in cardinally to change the career way. But if you cannot overpersuade yourself at all, never late sit down at a school desk again.