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How to reconcile with darling?

the Reason of quarrels and quarrels can become any trifle. Of course, never everything is smooth in family and private life. Sometimes to have to arrange a psychological discharge and to afford surge in emotions including negative. At the same time psychologists recommend to state sometimes the desires, feelings and emotions aloud.

Well, that`s all. All scariest words are told, claims are accepted and, it seems, the anger by itself was replaced with favor. Also there is a wish for the normal relations again But it is necessary to take the first step, and so there is no wish

For the solution of this problem needs to solve at first who is right and who is guilty from your point of view. Take a detached view of this situation. Take a sheet of paper and formulate the reason of your conflict in writing. First of all, do not deceive yourself. Write on the left half of a leaf of a mistake which was made by you, and on the right side of a mistake of your partner. Well, at whom is them more? All of you still want to reconcile? Precisely?

If yes, that the following councils for you.

Option first. Classical.

So, you recognized fault, decided to take the first step and to reconcile. What to begin with? Of course, it is possible to take to call, tell banal Forgive, I was wrong. I more so will not be . But it is not interesting. And how it is interesting?

Council the first. Write to

the SMS. But not simple, but gold. Best of all in verses, but also prose, the main thing that it " is possible; hooked . It can be words from a song with which you connected romantic memoirs. Or your crown phrase after which pronouncing, both of you by all means will smile. Generally, it has to be anything, connecting you in a single whole. Your task is in that he answered. And the beginning of dialogue - the beginning of reconciliation.

If he is silent, but you know that the message is delivered, send one more in the subject maybe, it was pleasant to it and he wants still Give it this pleasure.

Council of the second. Send to

a card on e - mail, it is the best of all for work. For certain, he worries too and thinks now of you therefore warm words will have very opportunely. In - the first, he will know that you do not know whether he read your message and suffer this question. In - the second, the mood because he knows that all is normal will be lightened at once, you already went for reconciliation. The whole day it will have a good mood and by the evening already all will be adjusted.

Council the third.

If you together listen to one radio station, and you know in what time it usually does it (on the way to work or home, during a lunch break etc.) it is worth trying to phone and order for it your song having supplied it with pleasant kind words to darling. There is one cunning to phone, at first it is necessary to adjust itself on a victory. Then to tell I always am lucky!!! and to begin to call, but it is necessary to call not when the song of the previous listener comes to an end and when it only begins. Chances increase.

Just in case, record the performance on the air with the cartridge, and let`s it listen in the evening, believe, it is very pleasant, especially, too if the last forty minutes of the cartridge you record the voice which under a pleasant gentle music will whisper sweet words.

Council the fourth.

If you live together, then it is possible to arrange a dinner by candlelight with reconciliation, and it is possible to hang out in a bathroom, a corridor, in kitchen of a note with pleasant phrases and warm words. Or write the love letter (more often on paper it turns out better to state the feelings, than words) and put to darling under a pillow. Believe, pleasant surprise before going to bed - what is necessary. It is better to combine that, and another.

Option second. Non-standard.

you weighed all for and against . You want to reconcile, but So there is no wish to take the first step, and why I have to, let it the first - you think. Of course, you have to nothing to nobody, but that there is a wish reconcile-. And how to make so that it, as they say, the first?

Here we to the aid call power of thought and, of course, the guardian angels not to do us without them.

Council the first.

So, for a start ask forgiveness for everything. For all good and bad, for everything that you told, did, thought. Remember all situations which arose at you in which you behaved not in the best way. And for each incorrect action ask forgiveness. Then forgive him. In the same way for everything... For all good and bad, for everything that he told, did, thought. Remember all situations which arose at you in which he behaved not in the best way. And forgive it for each its incorrect action.

Council of the second.

Send it the love. In every way the soul send an impulse to the General information field. He surely will feel it. Just concentrate the love in the form of a red ball, and from heart send a ray of light directly to his heart. Do it until the ray itself does not go out in your imagination.

Council the third.

Imagine your next meeting. He will call? Will meet you from work? Will arrive in the evening home with flowers? Will invite in restaurant? To trifles think over this situation as you will be dressed that he will tell that you will answer etc. In conclusion imagine its one. He sits? costs? lies? goes? goes? It is not important, present it entirely, eyes, a smile, a torso, legs and strew it mentally with petals of roses, and then approach it, now you already together stand under a pink rain and kiss, embrace, to put it briefly, are reconciled.

Option third. Compromise. by

brought together councils Here for those who want not to be reconciled, but not to swear.

Council the first. Think up

with the darling password . That is, when you begins to quarrel, just somebody cries out this treasured word or the phrase and after that BOTH become silent exactly for 1 minute. After that it is necessary to continue. Practice shows what does not want to be continued any more.

Council of the second.

Agree that you can quarrel anywhere and somehow, but only till the evening. At least for the sake of health of each other. Quiet dream in embraces of darling - guarantee of good mood and strong nervous system.

Council the third.

Try to do each other surprises. Talk with each other. If you love, then you appreciate, respect each other. Understand, your partner - your reflection. If you want to change it, then change.

Council to you and love. Yes the world and grace in your house will be!