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Whether it is worth going to the gym?

I again I am glad to share the experience with you some.

U of many is doubts - whether it is worth going to fitness - the hall or it is possible to be limited to occupations of the house? There is no definite answer to this question, of course. But as personal fitness - the trainer I will give couple of recommendations to you.

First delusion.

Many consider that they will be able to be engaged houses. In most cases it and remains words. Will power is for this purpose necessary. And also time. Agree when you come home after work, you will always have urgent matters. And after them hardly you will have forces, and, above all - desire to be engaged. Coming to fitness - club, you initially release time for occupations. Therefore you can concentrate on occupations.

Second delusion.

Many consider that they know what exercises they need to do. Well, if you have behind shoulders not one year occupations by body building, then you know that it is necessary for you. But if you only followed a way of a healthy lifestyle, not to do you without services of the trainer. The trainer not only will make the personal program for you, but also will watch technology of execution of exercise that he, probably, is the most important. I will give an example from own experience. In 1990 I decided that it is worth becoming more beautiful and to play sports. Having seen enough only the western movies which appeared those years, I decided to buy the exercise bike. I found our domestic " exercise machine in sale; Pulse also began to go by it actively. As a result I did it incorrectly, I pumped up to myself a shin instead of a hip! But I learned about it when two years later I came to the athletic hall. Therefore working off with the trainer of technology of performance is important part of occupations. Then you will be able to carry out these exercises independently.

Third delusion.

the opinion that it is necessary to go to the hall every day Occurs. It`s not true. More precisely, not absolutely so. Everything depends on the purposes which you before yourself set. If only health and a beautiful figure is important for you, then for you 2 - 3 times a week will be an optimal variant. If you are going to become the professional then you of course need more intensive trainings.

Most of my clients are engaged 2 times a week. And we see result. I can lead more frequent trainings to an overtraining. And it is very bad. Muscles I will be restored very long. Of course, it is possible to be engaged also five days a week as it is done by me, being the director fitness - the center. But here it is important to understand that it is necessary to accept the preparations helping an organism to be restored and work quickly every day on different groups of muscles.

the Main thing governed here - do not hurry! It is necessary to work on itself systemically. Systemically. Choose days in which you will go to the hall and try to adhere to this schedule.

Fourth delusion. the Trainer is always right

. As sadly to tell it, but not all trainers are competent. A problem even not that the trainer does not know what with you to do. And in what to it just is not present to you what put. Well, the beginner came to the hall. Well and let does that wants. It is, of course, serious trouble of many clubs. An exit one - to go to other club.

And last delusion.

It is possible, you thought that the purpose of article was to attract you in club. The purpose - to provide you information. And as to you to treat her, to solve only to you!

Successful and safe to you trainings!