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What should be eaten to gain weight?

Hi, my dear reader!

continued our conversation on advantage and harm of diets. But today I want to look on food a little on the other hand. Namely: as some products loved by us influence process of a set of weight. Yes, diets are necessary not only to grow thin. The diet is a special food. And the purposes can be much. And very often so happens that we need to grow thin or on the contrary, to gain weight. For this reason we need to know what products stimulate a weight set. For the athlete these products just the find, and for growing thin is trouble. So.


If you grow thin, then a salty seledochka it is necessary to eat less. The matter is that this fish well-loved by many is one of the strongest natural (natural) anabolic steroids. It substances which stimulate proteinaceous processes and in particular protein synthesis that leads to increase in muscle bulk. In case you seriously are engaged in strength sports, it has to be one of your favourite dishes. But if you grow thin, you should limit consumption of a herring. In addition after salty fish getting very thirsty. What too together with pronounced anabolic effect and chrome with which the herring is also rich gives very good gain of muscle bulk.

Garlic. to you it will seem to

strange, but garlic also strong natural anabolic steroid. Though the reason of emergence of this effect is completely not known, but it is the fact. The main reason for stimulation of proteinaceous synthesis is that garlic causes feeling of dryness in a throat. And we after dishes with garlic are thirsty. And water as we know, is a basis of our cages. Here to you and addition of muscle bulk.


Many love it. Especially body builders and especially those who do not accept creatine. The knowing people will understand me. This invigorating drink containing caffeine possesses a number of properties which, on the one hand, are inconsistent, and with another - are quite logical. Coffee has quite strong diuretic effect. On the one hand, it is good. But with another You at least once tried to satisfy thirst by means of a coffee cup? At you it turned out? I think, no. Coffee also asks it is more than water. It brings water out of us, but also forces us to drink even more. This effect of caffeine. It stimulates working capacity. And if you want to cheer up by means of coffee, then you have to remember - caffeine begins to work in 40 minutes.

All aforesaid will be fair for all products containing caffeine - green tea and sweet carbonated drinks like Coca.

And the special remark for the beginning body builders. I specially paid attention to incongruity of caffeine and creatine. All the matter is that caffeine completely blocks effect of creatine. And no sense from its application will exist.

From the given examples it is possible to draw one simple conclusion. The you consume less water, the less you will have a body weight. But it is fair only for those who grow thin on a passive diet, that is are not engaged in physical exercises. If you go to the gym or do, some exercise of the house, then water is necessary for splitting of fatty tissue at physical exercises.

For today all this. I wish you success a vborba for a beautiful body!