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How to reach execution of any your desire with little effort?

Any purpose within your powers, without doubts!


in courage is hidden the mighty genius! For a start I will tell I. V. Goethe

an entertaining story from the life.

Ya itself during study at institute did not attend lecture on philosophy. Passed examination on two and to me for the raised stipediya it was necessary five . Asked the teacher - Whether It is possible to repeat today? . The teacher instructively declared - Young man. The philosophy - difficult science, it does not study for one night. It was necessary to attend lectures. I will be at department after 15 hours. But it will change nothing .

If it changes nothing, then do not give me a mark in the record book, and you will put after a repeating an examination . The teacher lowed something, rocked the head and gave me the record book without assessment.

To me it is necessary five! I a fly ran on floors where schedules of consultations of faculties were hung out. The philosophy, on my happiness, was. At other teacher.

Ya waited until questions come to an end, took away from the neigbour a notebook with questions and asked - And how briefly to answer the question number one . And so - all questions, from the first to the last. Especially long I tormented the teacher with those questions that stood in my ticket.

Exactly in 15. 00 I were at department. As I also expected, at first there were questions from my ticket. I answered long and in details. Then questions separately went. Answered all. And explained morning ignorance with nervousness. On four did not agree. Suggested to ask still. As a result in the record book five points and the promise to fill up me at examination in Marxism-Leninism.

Only cancelled it just then.

If you decided something to achieve - act! No matter, what will be result. Just go in the necessary direction. The result will be achieved by itself!

The American psychologists carried out such, very interesting and instructive, experience.

They entered the patients into a hypnotic state and inspired:

to One - You Rembrant, draw! ;

to another - You Rodin, mold! ;

to the third - You Mozart, write music

The most surprising result of experiment - even not that participants of experiences freely drew, composed music, perfectly molded, and the fact that, having left a hypnotic state, they could not make that they did under hypnosis!

So why they it were able ? Because they were forced to believe in the opportunities under hypnosis!

And whether it is possible to make it for himself? Without psychologists, hypnosis and other chiromancy?

It appears, it is possible!

In each of us the creative genius who knows how to do everything sits. Everything that you will order it! He knows how to solve any problem how to achieve any objectives how to execute the most cherished dream - all this already is in each of us! Therefore, if you want something, so you subconsciously know how to reach it.

And if you for the present did not reach what want, so you just are afraid! You are afraid to have It and constantly find to that justifications!

I will repeat once again: if you want something, so you subconsciously know how to reach it. At the same time has no Your value today`s:



A financial state,

An environment,


etc., etc.

Is important only that:

1. You strongly wanted Something.

2. This Volition developed into Determination. Determination to have It!

3. And the Determination to have It developed into Actions. Actions for acquisition of It!

So. Step-by-step plan of execution of any our desire.

1. It is strong to want Something.

2. To allow himself to have It.

3. To make the description of ideal result and to present that you already have it or that you already reached it if it is about any ability.

4. To make a detailed plan of achievement of It, since the end, from ideal result. Quite so geniuses think.

5. To work immediately!

6. To dump importance and not to care for achievement of result. It is simply stupid to implement the plan!

7. Having achieved any intermediate result, surely praise yourself and encourage with something.

And all?! - with amazement you ask.

And, no, not all! Not to forget to thank subconsciousness, the nature or God (to whom as it is convenient) for the fact that all circumstances developed so successfully when your desire comes true!

So distinguishes the winner from the loser?

the Winner realizes that:

1. It can do Everything.

2. Obligatory it is better to do all now, without postponing.

3. Also does It!

The loser will delay performance even of the Most Necessary Affairs, hoping that later he will make it better. And usually NEVER does it!

As you can see to wake in itself the genius very easily. It is only necessary to believe in it and to work. To work immediately!