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What qualities need to be developed in themselves for achievement of success?

Do not wait, and do not demand

from destiny,

will not be anything in life,

of what did not sow!

you Want some bread -

at first grow up it!

the Successful person is, first of all, the one who achieves goals. Each person has inclinations of necessary qualities. Perhaps, I will reveal to you terrible secret, but once you were not able to go, speak, and, about horror - even to hold a spoon! Now you just do not notice it because you do everything listed automatically.

So, qualities of the successful person can learn.

These qualities to develop, raise them as the grain-grower raises bread! If you gradually develop them, they gradually will become your second nature. Gradual, almost imperceptible changes to unrecognizability will change your life! And you will be called the lucky, you will be envied and to ask your opinion apropos and without cause and to try to be similar to you.

And only it is necessary to develop in itself the following qualities.

1. Ability to speak openly about the desires and requirements from the first person. Any We . I - the first, but not the last letter in your alphabet!

2. Ability to speak openly about the feelings. Since the childhood the feelings accustomed to hide us. Especially boys. But who needs it? Openly stating the feelings, you only cause respect in the people surrounding you.

3. Ability to tell Is not present . It you will save a lot of time, nerves, health. And respect of people around as it is paradoxical, it will only add! Smile and speak Is not present until at you the " language bleeds;. Harvey Mackay called so one of chapters of the book How to escape among sharks . The person costing 350 million perfectly knows that he speaks.

4. Ability to come into contact, to keep up the conversation and just ability to cause trust.

5. Constantly to find new applications for the talents and abilities and to study constantly. To ask silly questions if you want to learn something new.

6. Ability to be an optimist always! At any problems and failures! Get to yourself idiotic a habit to rejoice to failures. Perceive failure not as the tragedy and as experience, and derive their this failure benefit.

7. Ability in any situation to remain at light memory. Many call it self-confidence, but It is better to call it self-confidence. Confidence that any problem is solved quickly and easily.

8. Ability to rejoice even to small progress and achievements. Praise yourself! Afford small and big pleasures.

9. Ability disinterestedly and sincerely to help others. It is necessary, first of all, for you, for a raising of own self-assessment.

10. And main thing! Realize the uniqueness! You carry that you want, you say that you want if you compare yourself to others, comparison has to be always in your advantage. Never think: And what people will tell about me? .

Main - that you tell to yourself about most yourself!

And yourself tell: I can do everything! In total!!! . And just believe in it.