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How to grow thin by summer? Easily! (to a no - Hau)

the Grass turns green, the sun shines Or not, yet not so. Streams murmur, will stick together beams. There is no grass yet, but streams already run and the sun plays beams, and it means that it is time to prepare for summer: to study offers of travel agencies, to buy undershirts and shorts, and the most important - to get rid of the kilograms which are saved up during the winter.

As well as every spring, I attentively consider myself in a big mirror and, heaving a deep sigh, I swear immediately to go on a diet. Only tonight I will drink a tea with cakes, and from tomorrow`s morning But day flies behind day, and to begin terrible torture in the apple days I do not venture. However, I try to solve a problem by radical methods - from the recipe attributed to Anatoly Kashpirovsky: it is necessary to guzzle less! - till Maya Plisetskaya`s the way: I sit not zhramsh . After that control over appetite is lost completely.

At last, I decide to approach a question thoroughly, on - scientific. I buy a lot of books and I begin to study. In the majority I do not find anything new: it is more than fruit, vegetables - and any rolls. There are also variations. Recently became fashionable so-called Kremlin diet (it is-point, it is a diet of the American astronauts etc.) . Those at whom maintain a liver and kidneys, say that result tremendous. However the price of symmetry can be too high: deficiency of carbohydrates can turn back ketoacidosis (violation of a proteinaceous and carbohydrate exchange), one of symptoms of which, actually, and lack of appetite is. Kremlin diet it is necessary to reject.

I open the book of the famous French nutritionist: heard that he does not urge to torment himself with hunger. The cunning Frenchman, however, suggests not to refuse tasty dishes, and it is just correct to choose them. It is easy to tell - to choose. I, of course, would prefer to choose carrot, but there is a wish - that an eklerchik! At the same time it gives remarkable culinary recipes: gazpacho on - Andalusian the red mullet with fresh " mint; soup from dandelions . I believe that it will help me - while I look for in March St. Petersburg dandelions and the red mullet, I will precisely grow thin.

I look for on the Internet. There diets - an uncountable set, for every taste. However on closer examination it becomes clear that just for me there is nothing. One and all versions begin with the sadistic recommendation: refuse sweet. To be fair it should be noted that there was one as it seemed at first sight, a suitable diet - chocolate : two bars on 50 grams a day - more than anything!

Has to admit that extra kilos I had no more than ten, but it did not prevent them to stick out disgustingly in that place where I passionately wished to see a waist. How it is possible to pull on all this bikini?

Having lost hope for others wisdom, I came to a trivial, but the unique conclusion: rescue of drowning - work drowning. And the way out was found! Ten kilograms abandoned me slowly - in three months. But, speak, in - the first, so more reliably, in - the second, there is time for really to improve a form. And the most important - just by a beach season managed to be reached the correct dimensions and to return a waist. Moreover, once I heard absolutely sincere question: You, probably, are engaged in the ballet? My word upon it!

At once I will tell: I do not practice separate food (though, probably, it would be healthy), I do not use plasters and burners of fat, I do not apply coding or zombiing. I also do not put on trial the will power and I eat everything that there is a wish - and small baskets with cream, and nut chocolate. It turned out that the problem is solved in quite comfortable way.

So, I open a secret. You, of course, saw more than once on shelves of supermarkets and drugstores tasteless, disgusting products - the vegetable cellulose or bran consisting mostly of the same cellulose. They - that were also my saviors. And still tea with milk. Direction of use: minutes for 15-20 before starting a breakfast, a lunch etc., I make usual tea: one bag approximately on two thirds of a big mug of boiled water. After that I add a mug milk and I drink with a tablespoon of bran. Or it is better with two - three. The stomach is filled, the feeling of satiety appears. Then it is possible to eat everything that there is a wish (if still there is a wish for something).

Bran and tea with milk in a combination with each other - the magnificent diuretic and soft cleaning means which is not doing harm to health. Calories - a minimum: it is a little milk in mix, and vegetable cellulose generally is not acquired - besides that in a stomach it strongly increases in volume. In addition bran contains a huge amount of the vitamins of group B necessary for us for smooth skin and beautiful hair. Also notice, everything exclusively natural! Milk can be taken any fat content; if it 4-5 - percentage, then it is required less, than low-fat (about a quarter of a mug). As you understand, having drunk a portion of such magic potion, want to eat much less. Even if pulls on tasty, that instead of five candies you are quite consoled in one.

Food turns out balanced: you do not refuse any categories of products, but also do not overeat. Only minus: tea with milk washes away from an organism the potassium necessary for warmly - vascular system. Therefore nevertheless it is necessary to eat fruit - vegetables and parsley - a selderyushka - sources of potassium and an askorbinka. At last, it is possible to use vitamins C minerals.

I will add one more banal truth - do not forget about physical activity and a positive spirit. But and so all know it. Success to you and beauty!