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How it is correct to look after nails?

for anybody not a secret that beauty of hands begins with beautiful nails. And beautiful nails are well-groomed and healthy nails. There are not so many simple rules, following which it is possible just to return easily and to nails a well-groomed look.

Council 1. That nails were firm, within a month of times a day add to food a gelatin pinch (though to soup though in hot). On taste nothing is noticeable, and nails will please with beauty.

Council 2. Within 10 days do of a tray with sea or oceanic salt without the aromatic and painting additives. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in warm water and 20 minutes take in it hands. In a month it is worth repeating procedure.

Council 3. After washing or washing of ware wipe nails with apple cider vinegar.

Council 4. If an opportunity is, then wash the dishes in gloves. It will protect your nails from stratification, hands from dryness, and the beautiful manicure will remain much longer.

Council 5. Within two weeks should not paint nails. Let they will have a rest from a varnish. And that they shone, wipe them with a lemon slice.

Council 6. If you do manicure in house conditions:

- always process nails a nail file in one direction;

- do a shape of nails before you begin to do trays for nails.

These two simple rules will prevent nails from stratification.

Council 7. When you paint nails, you should not neglect a basis for a varnish and a manicure fixer. In any shop of cosmetics it is possible to choose these two things suitable you. For example, a basis for fragile nails, and a fixer - with effect of gloss.

Council 8. Even very beautiful nails will not look fantastically if around them the agnail is a lot of. Therefore smear hands with cream in the morning and in the evening, and if there is opportunity, then after each washing of hands. It will relieve skin of hands of dryness and a peeling, and nails will look much better.

And it is a little more: 30 - the minute tray from warm sunflower oil will return beauty to weather-beaten skin of hands and will strengthen nails!

And you know that as soon as the girl does herself new manicure, at her the mood is lightened at once? So good to YOU MOODS!