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How not to fall a victim remote swindlers or the Scam by mail of

it is naive to think that scams trade only in the markets of the cities and villages. Now they slowly but surely process honest the people by mail. Here again got a big colourful envelope where by large letters it is written from a mailbox: DO NOT WASTE TIME, YOUR LAST CHANCE. I open an envelope, I get two sheets of paper gently - pink color and the catalog of goods of a certain firm. I learn from all read information that won 500000 rubles, and the firm in the person of the chairman of the prize-winning commission madly worries that if I do not respond, then this money should be given to other lucky.

Of course to win such money just like that would be a real miracle, but miracles such usually are worth a lot. There is one more circumstance: to receive this stunning money, it is necessary to order any goods from the catalog. And then, as in good scam if the sum of your order is higher than 700 rubles, you will win 10000 more if you order three certain goods from the catalog, then still you will win money, and so indefinitely.

The most interesting that the firm gives firm guarantees. And these guarantees became that a fly in the ointment which it offered me and many other. In the letter was pink on white it is written that I already am a happy owner of the sum in 500 000 rubles. On other party of the letter where the firm gives guarantees, the following is written: you will also win memorable prizes and, is POSSIBLE , the first prize 2007 - go - 500000 rubles - will be years yours . Now, as a matter of fact, and clear why any person did not win the first prize, and any person will never win the claim in court. This marketing action which is carried out by firm for the purpose of advance of new goods according to post catalogs - the phenomenon very thin and thought over. So, better do not begin cooperation with such firms at all. For anybody not a secret that quality of the goods offered by them the worst, and the prices which are very overstated.

As, all - not to fall a victim post scam :

1 . If to you the letter from firms which ask you to order some absolutely unnecessary goods for a large sum of money came, and then will be to you happiness, know, scam it is started, and this firm will process you long and painfully.

2. you in perplexity from where this firm knows your address and data - the answer is simple. Remember, perhaps, you used the coupon once from the newspaper where somebody offers the services absolutely free of charge or invites to solve a prize-winning crossword puzzle, there is an addition very in small print that you the signature transfer the right possession of information on you to the third parties which that firm is. You remember, there`s no such thing as a free lunch.

3. If you, all - will - bondage became the participant of a such marketing action, attentively read to conditions . They are usually printed in an envelope very in small print. In conditions, as a matter of fact, all essence " also blabs out; scam and the management of firm, thus, declines all responsibility for so frank deception.

4. to you should pay attention and to show special vigilance if any organization or firm offers interesting terms, and at the same time the reported postal address is doubtful or is absent, and only the post office box is specified, is obviously roguish action. Other signs can be such: evasive answers, lack of an exact and clear way of receiving prizes, announcement of a ban of judicial proceedings. The solid firm, on the contrary, will tell that it is ready to bear full responsibility and guarantees execution of all services and offers.

5 . If offer you the papers certified by the notary still nothing means, they can be completely fabricated (now in connection with high development of office equipment very easy to make it).

One business that we - that with you understand an essence of such letters and prizes, and we will already hardly be bought on so cheap zamanushka and what to do to people of a retirement age who are inclined to trust all this well thought over nonsense. Half-troubles if they it is sincere, trust in Miracle but it is worse if they live by the principle and itself to be deceived I am glad . Be attentive

, be afraid scams !