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Why pregnant women do not want to be followed up by a doctor? Recently V. V. Putin told

about need to make services in female consultations free. And it is valid, the pregnant woman faces now a huge number of services for which it is necessary to pay money, and, most often, considerable. But a problem often even not in it. Future mother in the first visit on pregnancy is offered to hand over a huge number of analyses , to visit about ten doctors, having waited at the same time in line near each office. No wonder therefore that some mummies prefer to refuse supervision of the doctor during pregnancy in spite of the fact that they this most put at risk and themselves, and the child.

But and really supervision at the doctor all nine months happen very tiresome for the woman. Already in the first visit of the pregnant woman it is necessary to hand over up to ten analyses , and even it is more:

- the analysis on definition of a blood type and Rhesus factor;

- the general blood test and the general analysis of urine;

- the test for syphilis, HIV, the test for hepatitis B, antibodies to hepatitis C;

- blood on determination of immunity to a rubella and toxoplasmosis;

- dab on flora from a vagina, the test for gonorrhea and clamidiosis from a uterus neck;

- if at the woman is a negative Rhesus factor - a blood factor, then she should make also the test an anti-Rhesus factor - antibodies.

In addition very often during the first visit there is a need of carrying out ultrasonic research (ultrasonography). Except analyses the doctor will suggest the pregnant woman to visit such experts as the therapist, the stomatologist, the ophthalmologist, the otolaryngologist, etc.

At the normal course of pregnancy future mother will have to visit the doctor about 10 - 12 times. But if to consider that before each reception it surely should hand over urine, then it is possible to increase the number of visits by two safely. A blood test should be taken, apart from the first visit, 5 - 6 more times. Ultrasonography needs to do a minimum twice for pregnancy. In 28 - 32 weeks, most likely, it will be necessary to visit the oculist, and in 32 - 36 weeks it is necessary to visit the therapist again. Only imagine the hungry exhausted woman (tests is necessary to make on an empty stomach and, as a rule, in quite early time) on the ninth month of pregnancy running from one office in another. Such prospect can frighten anyone. And all it was told above about, concerns the women who are not entering into risk group.

And, nevertheless, it is just necessary to be followed up by a doctor! Safety and mothers, and the kid depends on it. Very much improve the pregnant woman`s matters if the confidential and friendly relations with the doctor are established. In this case visits to a maternity welfare unit become more pleasant. Replace the doctor if the relations with it were not taken if it seems to you that he is insufficiently attentive and competent. You should not refuse services of a maternity welfare unit only from - for the fact that you did not like the doctor. You have the right to choose other expert who would meet your requirements.

It is not impossible to cancel any of above-mentioned procedures, otherwise the doctor will be able to make a complete picture of a condition of mother and child. And here to try to improve conditions in female consultations, to make them more available or even free the provided services are, perhaps, in power to our state. There is, of course, one more option - it is private clinics. However not to each woman it on a pocket. And so far it is not much of them in our country.

Well, and finally somehow to brighten up impression, there is a wish to tell about the main thing. And main is of course the child . Its health, its correct development has to be above all. Let a lot of time will be spent, it is a lot of forces - everything will be rendered wholly when you learn that it to be mother!