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Irreal reality.

At each person arise requirement to come into bookstore. Perhaps, he needs just to buy the handle or a notebook. But to get stuck in this magic place at several o`clock very and very easily. Passing

between racks with books, you are surprised to the number of the published best-sellers, detectives, female novels, poems, stories

of the Book bewitch the look. The bright or just unusual cover, the external design, surname of the author or just name. Books attract the reader Personally I am lost by

in bookstores. So much interesting, it would be desirable to read so much.

Small books which can be located in a pocket huge words, books of a usual format, the audiobook - what only you will not meet on counters of bookstores! Well unless it is possible to resist? Unless it is possible to pass by?

Russia - the most reading country in the world. This statement with me since the early childhood. still I remember

Ya as the very first book which I read from cover to cover looked.!

Then to me was six years old. It was the big book for children about life of an elephant who was rich and always wore a strict suit. still I remember

Ya how I was proud of the fact that I read such big book.

But that was long ago. Now the twenty first century - an era of high technologies. Today people are too busy and are not able to afford luxury to spend several hours on a sofa with a plaid and the book in hands. More and more people read in public transport or in a lunch break at work.

of Ayr of high technologies. For this reason even more often you notice the people reading books via the pocket computer or phone. It is very convenient for someone.

to download the book Today does not make special work of the Internet. Any literature is available: from scientific books to modern detective stories.

But a smell of the book is familiar to everyone. Such native, magic smell of typographical paint.

Reading, certainly, important and extremely fascinating occupation.

of the Book help us to understand those things which were not clear. They help to see the world from that party which you never even guessed. They can transfer us to the fantastic world, can force us to fall in love or cry. They help the reader to feel as the governor of the empire or as the villain.

the Book create other world, another, parallel, life. Having become engrossed in reading, it is easy to forget that on a plate milk runs away. Yes what milk can be if the main character here - here can die in decisive fight??

of the Book help to forget about vanity, help to distract from daily occurrence and to test new, hitherto unknown feelings. They help to remember what is dream. They I help to wake the imagination.

It seems to me, it is some special, peculiar only to books, magic.

Can be for this reason many of us are capable to go for hours on bookstore even if dropped in all for a minute. Only to buy the handle.

When the book for the first time appears in your hands, you do not know yet about what it, but you are already sure that with its help you will manage to endure new feelings, to get to other world. The magic world in which you will feel at home.