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How to choose a hosting - provider?

the Hosting is placement a web - the website on the computer - the server, round the clock connected to the Internet. Every time, finishing creation of the website, a web - masters and clients are let in search of the most acceptable hosting. What it, ideal hosting? Answer: fast, reliable, with a big set of technical capabilities, inexpensive, with an active support service, possessing the sufficient place for your website. Let`s consider everything one after another.

Speed of the channel a hosting - provider in many respects determines the speed of loading of the website in the browser, especially at a large number of users. If you want that your website was quickly loaded, then you need a hosting - provider with fast the Internet - channels.

Reliability of a hosting is defined by reliability of the used computer equipment. It is first of all reliability of the server and stability of work of an operating system. When using the unreliable equipment and unstable work of the operating system (OS) interruptions in work of the website will be observed that will very badly affect your image. One of the most reliable servers are released by IBM firm, in the best way for a hosting the Linux operating system proved.

Technical capabilities - the technologies of development, the database supported by a hosting, for example, the PHP programming language (one of the most popular programming languages on the Internet), SSI (inclusion on the party of the server), MySQL (the most popular database with an open code). Functionality of the control panel of a hosting through which you can operate the main settings of the web - the website also belongs to technical capabilities, to create mailboxes (e - mail), post answering machines, to look through visit statistics, to use FTP the manager for downloading files to the server, etc.

hosting Cost. it is natural that all seek to buy a hosting cheaper. The price consists of three main components: the allocated volume of the space for the website, a set of technical capabilities, cost the Internet - a traffic. The prices of a hosting are approximately identical everywhere, there are no big dispersions of the prices therefore you look at the above-stated parameters: speed of work of the website, reliability, technical capabilities. Serious a hosting - providers give an opportunity to test a hosting within several days or even week.

Volume of the space for the website. the Hosting - providers make tariff plans, in each of which the volume of the allocated place on the hard drive of the server (HDD) is specified. For the majority of the websites of the Russian Internet volume under the website in 250 MB - it more than is enough, much from this space remains not used therefore you do not hurry to take 500 or 1000 MB at once, think whether there will be so big your website? Large volumes on the hard drive are required for big on - line to projects, the websites with a large number of graphics, music, video. The usual websites occupy only several tens megabytes.

What the client really pays for, having the website on a hosting? Of what the price which is requested by a hosting - provider for the services consists? The price consists of the following factors:

  1. server Cost. As a rule, on one server settle down many web - the websites therefore the price breaks into number of alleged clients whose websites will settle down on this server.
  2. the tenancy Cost in which servers settle down (usually servers place in special Date - the Centers).
  3. Cost consumed by servers and the equipment of the electric power (computers work round the clock), cost the Internet - a traffic.
  4. Salary of service personnel (service of technical support).
  5. of Costs of depreciation of the equipment.

What main advice it is possible to give concerning the choice a hosting - provider? I recommend not to be under a delusion for beautiful words on the website a hosting - provider, you ask to provide you a test hosting and be convinced how everything works. The solid companies which are engaged in a hosting with pleasure will provide you test a hosting in the shortest possible time, thus, you will check also efficiency of work at once - technical support in a case of purchase of this hosting will work approximately with the same speed.