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When you risk to run into Boycott?

If almost at the same time to shoot from two trunks of the fowling piece - the doublet will turn out! History sometimes too likes to shoot a doublet, such as, in 1831 and 1832 when in the same day two persons, whose names very famous still were born on March 12.

In the beginning future smith and the pioneer of automotive industry Clement Studebeker was born in the USA, and a year later in Great Britain Charles Kaningem Boykott came to this world.

If to be guided on a horoscope, then both bright representatives of a sign of Fishes. But as Fishes in a horoscope two - their destiny can be opposite. As all also turned out in practice.

We will begin with Studebeker. Its sort appeared in North America with the first wave of immigrants from Europe, in far 1736. And natives of Holland one of the first realized, than they can be useful to people. The first European Americans very much suffered hunting to change of places and as at that time families were numerous, for transportation of members of household and belongings big vans were required. Clement`s grandfather also began to make them, having founded in 1798 in the city of Konistoga (State of Pennsylvania) a workshop in which strong, thorough and capacious vehicles - the well-known resettlement vans were made. Practically all man`s half of a big family was engaged at this production. And the growing-up children, naturally, since the birth not only attentively watched production, but also tried to define what benefit can be brought to parents and a family.

The elder brother of Clement - Henry mastered a profession of the coach maker, and at younger the choice was small - he decided to become a smith. And when in a family other sons - John, Pyotr and Yaqub appeared, the place on family production was them too. All five in common worked for the surname benefit.

And here Charles Kaningem Boykott could not brag of the fact that he from young nails was trained for some certain specialty. His parents were much less enterprising. And when to young Charles came it is time to decide on a place in the sun, he after long thoughts decided to devote himself to service in army. And it must be said that his career developed very middlingly. On the one hand it was not really loved by soldiers for the fact that Boykott was very exacting to himself and asked from the lower ranks not less. On the other hand its administration too not especially favored that Charles always tried to cut plain truth in a face, not really - that reckoning with ranks. That is the regimental administration had no confidence that the gallant captain will not throw out any trick.

Having convinced that his career froze and special prospects are not observed, Boykott made only the correct decision - wrote the official report on dismissal.

In what the main difference of Studebeker from Boycott? The first always leaned on a family support and it had strong backs. The second as Don Quixote, fought the losing battle most often alone. And it is always fraught with failures. Clement if something happens brothers could always straighten out, and Charles was deprived of critical view of the acts. From what it is possible to draw a concrete conclusion: if the destiny did not award you with four brothers, did not give the family business which is standing on the own two feet, it is necessary to stock up with friends and allies first of all. Without them even the person of seven spans in a forehead threatens to fill to himself the cone.

Yes, it is possible to consider that Civil war in the USA of 1861 - 65 allowed to increase sharply Studebekeram the capital - at this time the need for vans sharply increased! Moreover, " firm; Studebeker received the big government order. But it proves once again the fact that family dynasties possess big immunity at turning points for destiny of the country.

By the beginning of the seventieth years of the XIX century the tiny workshop shot up in solid plant and let out on one completely completed crew each 7 minutes. And, it were not only one cargo carts yes vans, and and various automobile crews any more - phaetons, droshkies, rulers.

And the single Boykot, promayavshis idle several pension years, at last too found a job. He settled operating in the estate of the former regimental companion who owned several thousand acres of the earth in Ireland. Remembering special insistence of Charles, his brother-soldier fairly decided that it at all not the worst quality for the managing director! Also suggested to run over Boykotta to Ireland on the new residence.

But also here he met his match. Whether stubborn Irish gave a hostile reception slightly to everyone administrative impact new managing director. They fondly assumed that they understand agriculture a little better, than the retired military. It then, quarter of the century later, on 1/6 terrestrial land will be declared that the state also the cook can operate! But the nature seldom forgives human nonsense. Incidentally or purposely, but in 1880, after series of lean years and a drought there was an awful crop failure. Owner latifundium demanded from Charles not to reduce the income, Boykott solved to press tenants of the earth also asked or to pay immediately all due money for rent, or if there are no means, to return everything property.

Local hired workers did not know such cool guy yet! They addressed the prominent Irish politician Charles Parnell that that helped them to assert the rights. And before the conflict will be resolved, arranged Boykotta plot of an inattention . It and family members was refused to be served in local benches, the mail carrier did not deliver them the letter, neighbors refused to talk to them etc.

It only provoked Charles. He employed 50 Irish - Protestants from other county who worked in the field under protection of 1000 (!) police officers. But also it did not help. Plot of silence appeared Boykott over forces.

This war continued even more, than Civil war in the USA - and ended about 6 years with Boykott checkmate. He left Ireland, and his name became nominal since then!

And what Studebeker? He never asked for trouble, and always tried to be to someone interesting and useful. And not incidentally great inventor Thomas Edison counted for honor to develop the first electric Studebeker .

Unfortunately, Clement did not live up to the first test, the death overtook it slightly earlier - on November 27, 1901. And here the poor creature Boykott was not alive by then four years any more. Heart did not sustain!

And, at last, last question: when you risk to run into boycott? Only if you do not reckon with foreign opinion, very hard make a compromise, and the most important - believed in own infallibility! Some time you will be suffered, and further to you Charles Kaningem Boykott will open the embraces.