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How to become the good husband?

Beat off fountains of champagne, an otkrichala bitterly! drunk friends, are sorted gifts. And everything passed so quickly. There were only sweet (or not really) memoirs, videos and a lot of photos. And what`s next? Long and happy family life from the beloved who is already in the official status of the wife. But, that left quite so, it is worth putting some share of efforts. Both from the wife, and from the husband (about what here the speech will also go).

As to become the good husband?

First of all it is necessary to be defined for itself - whether it is necessary for you. Just in a quantity of life situations it turns out so that people neglect the life (including matrimonial). But if you read it, then, so you do not belong to this category.

Yes, I want to become good, even the best husband . Such thought at you in the head? If yes, that it is good. The main thing to realize the aspirations and to make all possible efforts for achievement of the purpose.

So, I will try shortly, but substantially to specify that number of the moments from which it is worth making a start in business formation by the good husband .

1. Try to create the atmosphere of full mutual understanding with the half. Of course, you can tell, as so everything is good, we completely understand each other. But understand that, having even lived with the person 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 years, it is not always possible to tell with confidence that completely you know and you understand him. And it is especially actual for the first years of life. If to a wedding you lived together - it is good, so though some basis is created. If is not present - that everything from scratch, it is possible so to speak. And one more. The initiator in creation of a favorable situation in families - you. Man! Man.

2. To distribute (at least for a start) the rights and duties. If you with such reluctance wash the dishes, the floors, go to shop, then you should not think that at the spouse hands just itch to undertake all efforts on economy. If she stays at home, and only you work, then, respectively, you should not divide cares on the house equally. Here you will be right if you focus the attention that all of you - earn money.

3. Plan the expenditure for the forthcoming month and keep the estimate of expenses., It seems, not absolutely significant thing, but, having faced the following situation, all bite elbows at once and run to parents for help. So, situation If you do not plan expenditure and do not conduct the list of expenses, then in one fine morning (day, evening, night) it can turn out that you in a family just have no money. And where they left? And here hardly anyone will be able to give the intelligible answer to this question., It seems, nothing of that kind was bought. Well, just once descended in restaurant, still razik sat in cafe etc. There is also no money!

4. Concede (whenever possible) to the spouse at the solution of disputable situations and problems, and convince her of thought, as it has to concede to you. We established a family to live in it long and happily, but not to turn the family center into a battlefield. Let`s stint a little the principles for the sake of general wellbeing and sound sleep.

5. You do not bring a problem from work in a family (at you is them and so is enough).

6. And, at last, you tell more often to the spouse beautiful words, be not too lazy to give sometimes to her a breakfast to a bed or to admire with a fine bouquet of roses.

Sincerely I hope that these provisions given by me will help you to make your family life of long and happy, full love and tenderness.