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What is soks? Very often we see

on squares and streets as several teenagers throw from a leg on a leg the small bag filled with some balls. What is it? The name of this type of youth sport - soks.

There are many various assumptions of an origin of a soks, but it would be desirable to state one which is the most real. Game in America in 1972 - m to year when John Stalberger met Mike Marshall who kicked the self-made sack filled by beans was invented. This meeting took place in Oregon. John underwent knee operation not so long ago, and looked for a way to develop it. They immediately undertook game. Subsequently it pulled together them, and they with Marshall became good friends. Also two friends thought up the name - Hack the Sack . Stalberger and Marshall were soon completely keen on game. Marshall hoped to advance soks in masses . They in every possible way popularized a new sport until Mike Marshall had heart attack in a dream in 1975 - m to year. He died at the age of 28 years.

Stalberger shocked with death of the friend did not stop and continued to develop already fallen in love occupation. Further Stalberger thought up to beat off soks not only one leg, but also knees and various parts of a body.

Now soks develops in several directions. One of them - Footbag Net or Volley Sock when the ball falls through a grid. And the most difficult and beautiful direction - Fottbag Freestyle. The last is so peculiar, and sometimes, coming to competitions on to free " style; you see such movements and options of a hurling back of a soks that in the head there is a question: How it manages to get out so? .

This small ball became a peculiar art recently, not only in respect of movements, but also in a coloring of a soks. Having come into shop, it is possible to see balls with drawings of sneakers, phones, needles, people and buildings. You ask and in what here an exclusivity? And it and not here. Extravagant soksa are sewed by players. One of such to me most had to play, it was with the inscription 666 and the second which just caught sight was in the form of an automobile wheel.

Over time rules for this, at first sight, simple game were thought up. The game Footbag Net is played practically by all. Here, if it is so possible to tell, rules not of a pisana. However, it is not strongly welcomed when beat off soks a hand, and so - restrictions do not exist. But in Volley Sock you have to throw soks through a grid and try not to hold it long on the zone, here it is already impossible to touch soks. There is also certain framework, peculiar borders of the platform on which game is held. It is possible to play Volley Sock as in private, and in couples, and recently appeared and mix - that is, the girl with the guy against the girl with the guy.

People who play in soks receive a huge charge of energy. Sometimes, having spent more than two hours of continuous game, you are exhausted as if ran ten-kilometer cross-country. But what teenager will want to run? And here soks is a peculiar way out. How many now talk on excess weight! Girls about it only and blow . And play they in soks, would be precisely harmonous and beautiful. Girls are players, and them, strangely enough, there is a lot of, can draw to themselves attention of the most handsome guy.

Soks is the sack which is not simply filled by rice or other porridge is a peculiar sport which was fallen in love youth of the different countries of the world for a long time. Though now and not privlyochyosh many teenagers to sports activities, it is good that they though are engaged in such peculiar types. The main thing - to be healthy!