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Fashion of 2007: naked legs - a hit of summer of the next year

Under a &ndash jacket; anything. Or almost anything. At most - shorts, shorts, Bermuda shorts or maybe skirt. Any long trousers.

Next summer, according to stylists, will pass under the name of naked male legs. Whenever possible, trained as a result of long and tiresome exercises by a stretching, of course, suntanned and even undergone an epilation. Crushing for owners of short, thick or curve legs. And as if all this still is not enough, it will be necessary to have the brawny torso oiled by special.

The blazer, shirts and a polo will be open on a breast. Fashion for very young with the developed body, for men with narrow hips. Shortened the suit will become the legislator of fashion. Also you should not worry if you look as a caricature on the baker in boots without backs and in socks (and these details become superfashionable).

On a podium smart options of what else till yesterday was considered as clothes of yokels are shown. If Prada sings of short trousers of indistinct color together with long gray jackets, then Dolce & Gabbana offer a white blazer with a shirt and a tie in the scar and trousers with a top which are hardly reaching a knee. Vivienne Westwood in a creative rush eulogizes a silk kilt and a shirt with flounces. These and other objects will make revolution in man`s clothes.

The fashion strengthens positions, answers scandal Clean legs (scandal in the Italian soccer. - Editor`s note) placing emphasis on the healthy party of sport. These are the glory moments for Dolce & Gabbana. Win against classical forms, competition the Greek spirit. Models are dressed as Olympians, in snow-white jackets and Bermuda shorts.

The Most important - aspiration to a victory. Opposite to what happens to us, - masters speak, meaning football scandal, - when the leading party extorts money from children according to rules of the sick world . Dolce & Gabbana, having dressed the Italian Olympic team, look after that at men objectively, being inspired by David Michelangelo.

Our guys are madly beautiful. Pirlo is harmonious, he has a class. Totti, after it was tonsured, became magnificent. The most elegant? Lippi, very stylish, is similar to Paul Newman . Bermuda shorts, 25 types of sports shoes. The rolled muscles, shortly short-haired hair. Swimwears, the Scottish baseball socks, dressing gowns with the coats of arms.

Novelties and details infinitely alternate. The toys attached to Missoni trousers; the darkened chains on which a pocket watch or brilliant bags of the Scervino condoms keep; raincoats from PVC and transparent Jil Sander paper; a multi-colored lining and double hooks on the Oswald Botaeng models. And also a thin grid of shirts and - la rokstar with the shirtfronts decorated with inscriptions, Costume National; drops of water of huge size on Burberry blouses. Or even huge flowers on models for the overage idlers from Rimini recreated by Barocco.

In orchestra seats there were few famous guests. Rupert Everett presented to Vanity Fair. But there is no lack of manifestations of nasty taste - as, for example, Denis Simachev`s show recreating the beach in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast where it is full of inflatable dolls in bikini.