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What is Volgograd famous for? (Part 1) of

my native and favourite hero town on Volga is widely world renowned. His name merged together with the great Russian Volga River in the name stately, full of a deep meaning - Volgograd. Come to us from every corner of the world to pay a tribute of respect to an immortal feat of those who selflessly battled for freedom and happiness of all mankind, to see the heroic city revived from ashes and ruins.

Tsaritsyn. Stalingrad. Volgograd. Tsaritsyn (the initial name of the city) was founded by

in 1589 - m to year as fortress on Hugo - the East of Russia for protection of Russian lands against attacks of Zavolzhye nomads. The place of fortress it was elected so-called transfers where Don most closer approaches Volga. It defined a role of Tsaritsyno as transit and trade point on the way between Volga and Don subsequently. More than 150 years Tsaritsyn served as sentry fortress and only by the end 18 - go centuries it became the usual district city of the Saratov province. Later, in 1925 - m to year, Tsaritsyn was renamed into Stalingrad. And in 1961 - m to year the city is renamed into Volgograd.

In post-war years Volgograd turned into the large cultural center with institutes and scientifically - research establishments, theaters and palaces of culture. In the city, with its new multystoried residential buildings, numerous supermarkets, wide prospectuses and streets, the spacious areas and squares, stretched wide 70 - a kilometer tape on the coast of Volga, more than one million people live.

In Volgograd there are many historical places - the buildings, streets, squares connected with civil and the Great Patriotic War wars. They are witnesses of nice fighting and labor feats of our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers And still Volgograd - unusually beautiful, spacious and cozy city which it is necessary to visit!

The station - 1

the Beautiful building, with the high spike topped with a star is the Volgograd railway station - 1. Architectural registration of the station is prompted by its history inseparably linked with events of civil and Domestic wars. Earlier the building of the station was wooden, it was constructed in 1870 - m to year when the movement by rail Tsaritsyn - Dirt began. At the beginning of 20 - go centuries the new, stone building of the station was built.

Pavshikh Bortsov Square

In the center of Volgograd you will get on the Area of the Fallen fighters. All heroic pages of history of the city are connected with it. Before revolution the area was called Aleksandrovska. It was trade part of the city. There were merchant shops, market ranks with benches and taverns. It was surrounded by houses of rich merchants, and in the center there was a stately Aleksandrovsky cathedral. Exactly here the proletariat showed the forces, and on May 1, 1906 - go years stained with the blood Aleksandrovskaya Square.

After February revolution Bolsheviks held meetings of workers here, exposing reactionary, bourgeois character of Provisional government. In 1919 - m to year Tsaritsyn endured rainy days: vrangelevets arranged bloody terror in the city. Aleksandrovskaya Square was the place where daily hung up and beat with lashes of all those who seemed rebellious and suspicious. On February 8, 1920 - go years, after release of the city, on this square tsaritsynsky workers followed to the grave the companions who fell in fight for freedom. In memory of the dead for the Soviet power Aleksandrovskaya Square was called by Pavshikh Bortsov Square. To 40 - to the anniversary of the October socialist revolution it was erected granite 26 here - a meter obelisk.

Now all newly married our city on a gala day of wedding come on this memorable place to lay flowers, to take a walk, walk on the downtown From the North on the South the area of the Fallen fighters is crossed by Mira Street - one of the best in the city. In northern part the street becomes isolated the planetarium building which the sculpture of the woman holding in the raised left hand a sphere with a pigeon crowns.

Tsentralnaya Embankment

is the most beautiful part of the city, the favourite place of one and all inhabitants of Volgograd and city visitors Now. Here hours can admire a picturesque panorama of Zavolzhye, a wonderful look which opens from the coast on the central part of the city. In the summer of 1942 - go years, in days of great fight, the central embankment was the place of the hardened battles. The territory of the embankment turned into the waste ground deformed by bombs, shells, disfigured by ruins of buildings.

In 1952 - m to year the central embankment is built anew on the project of local architects. It is dressed in granite and decorated with monumental constructions. The central ladder - the main construction of the embankment, a main entrance to the city is especially beautiful. The top of a ladder comes to the end on both sides with colonnades with bas-reliefs which display heroics of Civil and Domestic wars.

The top terrace is closed by the elegant and festive " fountain; Friendship . At the moment (except winter) usually on the embankment there take place concerts of entertainment stars, actors, dancing collectives act. In holidays all city gathers here. And already mentioned " fountain becomes the meeting place of friends and lovers; Friendship .

On it our excursion came to an end. But continuation - ahead. Do not pass, friends! I wish all interesting events in your life, bright meetings and pleasant emotions!