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How to choose the cell phone?

Here, at last, also came time to buy the new cell phone! Not important - whether first this for you or the hundred first. Not so important. A question in another - how to choose. At the moment in this segment of the market such number of offers from such number of firms that just eyes run up. And there is a wish something like that, special Still not especially expensive, but with a set of functions And that worked still! And so on, and so on. The list of wishes to the future to the pet probably is even wider, than quantity of models.

But now directly to business. So, to choose worthy phone on a pocket, it is necessary to sit down in advance, properly to consider everything. And it is better to come previously into shop and to look narrowly (without reacting to stickings of selling assistants, they to you what). It is possible to take the catalog with phones. Or just to get into the Internet and to sit on the websites of mobile operators.

To what it is worth paying attention first of all?

Decide on the price " mobile phone;. High price not always means reliability and durability, good functionality etc. Just producers can untwist image brands which to you it is perfect to anything. On the other hand - low price, but on phone with a big set of functions does not mean at all that this cellular waits for you. There can be a matter in a nedobrosovennost or the firms releasing phones, or selling these goods. In a word it is possible to run on fake goods.

Further when you chose the price segment suitable you - choose phone. Here already your imagination and requirements plays. Sliders, folding beds, phones of a classical look and great number of other.

Couple of practical advice at the choice of cellular:

- fanciness of phone - it, of course, is good, but reflect - you buy a means of communication (to call and write the SMS), but not super - the computer which knows how to cook, to erase, iron and sing to you for the night lullabies. Therefore if phone as phone will badly function, then how then it is possible to call it a means of communication? You want to listen to music, to watch movies - buy better a player;

- do not react to novelties. In few months the price of these phones will be low and you, respectively, will be whipping the cat. Besides at new models of mobile phones an array of problems, so-called glitches which completely are eliminated with the producer somewhere in half a year after goods release.

Chose house phone - now in shop. Just sometimes there is a situation that having fallen in love with a thing on the picture and having taken it in hand subsequently, you will be disappointed. Therefore safely we go to shop, we take the pleasant brands and we try, we try and once again we try as phone works and as to you it is worked with phone.

Do not listen to the sellers trying to push To you any brand of cellular. It is their work. Phone is not on sale - means it is necessary to begin it to advise all! You were defined for a long time (I hope, and will be) that you want. Do not recede from the choice. Because even not especially well understanding in cellular, but in advance having spent time for the choice of model, with probability of 90% you will choose phone better, than the seller will advise.

Well, here in principle and all. It was necessary to pull out terribly earned unlimited sum of money from a pocket, to fill in documents, to double-check cellular and a complete set

I here the long-awaited cell phone at you in hands!