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Holiday today, or... Here or I something do not understand

, or one or the other! (C) Brothers is Pilots.

Who can explain me an essence and sense of today`s holiday - International (which is for some reason celebrated only at us with such scope and with such pomp - in other countries about it and had never heard) Female (well here absolutely associations went) Day?!

B than its sense?

Now - today?

Well, let`s zakovyryatsya in history and we will remember what all this began with:

Here, probably, it is worth beginning with the most ancient such custom known to us - day of matrons in Ancient Rome - this day all freeborn women who are married received gifts from the husbands, were surrounded with love and attention. Slaves received gifts too. And besides, the hostess of the house allowed slaves to have a rest this day. Dressed in the best clothes, with fragrant wreaths on the heads, Romans came to the temple of the goddess Vesta - keepers of a home.

It is admissible - it is a holiday. So they there, in Ancient Rome, in general had nothing to be engaged - at them that put that celebration or deities or custom, or a successful campaign of Caesar in a latrine.

We go further. Rome fell, fast we slip the Middle Ages, and other eras, intermediate till our time. There nothing interesting in this plan was (well unless except, hunting in some times for the same women Though in principle, an auto-da-fe - it is cheerful also with a spark ) the First time March 8 is mentioned by

in 1957 so-called Tesktilny revolt (pay attention, not Revolt of tekstilshchitsa not Female revolt namely Textile revolt without any communication with women). This day several hundreds of seamstresses and tekstilshchitsa of New - York took to the streets, demanding pay rise and improvements of working conditions. I Can assume

what all this ended, however and here conviviality any. And productivity possibly too 1909 the Socialist Party of America proclaimed

B in the National afternoon of the woman the last Sunday of February.

Well considering a political situation in the world at that moment, for the sake of electorate of party, the unions both other and other and not could take such step.

In 1910 at the Second international conference of women - socialists in Copenhagen Klara Tsetkin took the initiative of annual carrying out the International day of solidarity of women (The truth unclear, solidarity in what (though it is possible to guess) and against whom (well it is clear here against whom else women can be consolidated if except them and us in this world there is nobody)), concrete date was not offered and (well it is clear here against whom else women can be consolidated if except them and us in this world there is nobody) it was not discussed.

Already also the founder of all this business - the old woman Tsetkin appeared. However, as the person who was the approximate Octobrist and nearly became so approximate pioneer, and respectively knowing all pantheon, if one may say so torches - I will not think, than she was still famous, except this here the idea.

And further - rushed in compliance with a level of development of militant feminism in the World and in Europe:

In 1911 - 1912 - the International Women`s Day was celebrated in different days (both times) only 4 - mya by the countries of Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. - almost heart of Europe, so to speak.

That is at this time only women of these the thane felt need for own holiday. Only it is unclear why they needed such reminder on themselves, roofing felts from the fact that life of an ikhbyl is heavy whether, just the opposite - there was nothing to be engaged.

In 1913 Russia also joined celebration of this business.

A so and we - all any, and Europe.

And only in 1914 - this holiday was celebrated in large quantities Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland.

That is a gain of the countries in two years, is too small. Whether so and in the truth this day was necessary?

Then - began 1 - I am World war. Also became not till holidays.

I here for the first time the politician publicly remembered strange business only in 45 years (during this time there was also a Great Patriotic War, and there are a lot more events) women - on January 1, 1959 the Comandante Fidel Castro in the speech reported the nations that in Cuba not only men, but also women were at war, and they the feats proved that they were the same excellent fighters as the best soldiers - men.

And further - still to a stransha . Europe did not remember

After the end of World War I this holiday. About need of it.

However, for all of them was fulfilled by the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics in promoting and planting of this celebration.

can prove It by the fact that Bolsheviks, changing foundations of society, faced the fact that the young republic which arose, so to speak, out of the blue had no holidays.

And as fight against church (and what - what was one of intense fronts of ideolgichesky fight, and there are enough holidays in Orthodoxy) that here and entered this day. Thus, replaced thirst of the people for celebration of Maslenitsa and struck blow on the Lent - and as - that appeared OCCASION ! What here abstention can be?

But it is necessary for a normal holiday what? Correctly - mass character!

In the Union everything was international - the International Day of Solidarity of Workers (Everyones Internatsionala and so forth) but something here other countries did not hurry to support him in any way - this holiday. Perhaps because there women did not need official day in which they could receive caress and care. And equality was established absolute there, but in limits, so to speak decencies (At them the first woman - the pilot Amelia Earhart is known, and we have a traktoristka (!) Pasha Angelina) And something I even the dissolute imagination cannot imagine a normal French shpaloukladchitsa.

In 1975 the Soviet ideologists managed to receive the official status International for this holiday which, actually was celebrated only in the republics of the Soviet Union.

However, here it turned out not absolutely honestly - this year was declared International year of the woman. And by some strange accident the delegation of the USSR offered, to celebrate this year celebration of the International Women`s Day 8 - go March. The HECTARE of the UN appeared svosy not against.

Since then we in principle also have this holiday in such look in what we have.

It is clear that for all the time of the existence it already left the category holiday of political need also turned into a national holiday.

And that upon.

However, for some reason strange some holiday turns out - what you will see having gone outside on the eve of and on this holiday?

On all as if some psychosis attacks:

The day before - an underground passage which you overcome in 4 minutes you pass for half an hour - because all zastvlenno flower apportions. A crush, trade, feverish gloss in the opinion of one ( Oh! Here is cheaper! Means here Marinke`s purchase, to Victoria Petrovna and all planning department ) and the same gloss from other party ( Oh! Today the man bought at once two boxes of roses from me ) And as - there is an OCCASION!

I chakhlenky carnations - the price on weekday which - 5 rubles - already stand today twice. And cut flowers are on sale in tons.

Any shop of household appliances gets rid of tons of small cheap household appliances which all the same will not last out more than a year - but now it The Most reliable, the most beautiful and graceful! And as - there is an occasion!

And on March 7 on an entrance to establishments of type of the Tax Inspection where the vast majority of women - costs the post of police which is captiously examining the gifts which are available at handing over reports - that they were not so expensive that did not pull on at least minimum bribe. And as - there is an occasion.

I will be farther and farther than


everything on old Tomorrow tomorrow. Bouquets will be thrown out. The new iron will be used to stroke to him who presented a shirt.

Someone will wake up with a headache.

A someone in the lonely bed.

Everything will be on old.

So in what sense, and, brothers?

Well, really, in order that we made unplanned cleaning of the apartment to our women it is necessary to wait for year?

Or flowers for darlings are on sale only three days in March?

Or a breakfast, with own hand prepared and brought to the woman in bed on May 13, but not today, will be less tasty? there is no

! you and I it we know


So can be it makes sense more modest, simpler to make, but is more gentle?

I directly since tomorrow`s morning - 9 - go, neparznichny March. every day to remember

I it.

I to let know it.

That our women are our everything. Also we love them not only today. to Surround with

with caress and care.

Every day.

Every minute.

And not just today.