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Who was Carmen`s prototype?

will Hardly be in the world of people who will dare to catcall immortal creation of Georges Bizet - the opera “ Carmen “. It during the first premiere of the opera the public behaved so cruelly and ruthlessly that after a while the composer according to one version died from a cardiac rupture, on another - committed suicide, having dived into ice waters of Seine. During an opera premiere from Bizet from him all turned away: both friends, and admirers. And his best friend, composer Charles Gounod (author of the opera “ Faust “) declared that “ The Aria with a flower “ Bizet tore off at him. It dreams to perform Carmen`s part any mezzo now - a world soprano, and then George`s wife, beautiful Genevieve, defiantly left the auditorium under a hand with the lover.

“ If recognition found authors during lifetime, but not in hundred years after their death! “ the composer often liked to exclaim, having a presentiment of the fate. But anyway, the glory to Bizet came in hundred years after his death, and exactly thanking “ Carmen “. So who was a prototype of the fatal beauty for whose heart in the opera battle the poor soldier Don to Hoza and the brilliant toreador Eskamilyo? All know that the libretto of the opera was written Ludovico Galevi who was very amicable with Bizet, from Prosper Merimee`s short story “ Carmen “ - about passion of andaluzets to Hoza to the fatal contrabandist Carmen. But the reader will not find in the short story of what will be found by the listener of the opera Bizet: neither bright images, nor force of characters, nor paints of the Spanish life. In the center of attention of the short story - a confession of Don Hoz who of jealousy killed the woman loved by it. Carmen is presented not brightly, and everything is concentrated on personal experiences of the main character. Naturally, there is a question: who that woman who inspired Georges Bizet on creation of so popular image?

It is considered that it was the elite courtesan, the actress, the professional equestrian, the popular writer, and in combination the widow of the count de Chabrian better known as Mogador.

They got acquainted in the train. To it was 28, it - 42. She went to watch how build its country house “ Lionel “. It turned out that they live in the neighbourhood. Then Mogador knew all Paris, especially after its scandalous book " was published; Farewell to the world “ which she not only deserved popularity, but also rescued the beloved husband who already died by the time of acquaintance to Bizet from a debt hole. Mogador admitted this book that on prostitution it was pushed by criminal passion to it of the second husband of mother. The stepfather often tried to rape her and when she ran away, caught, and, having beaten, sold in a brothel. But Mogador not only found new life there, but also could achieve unsurpassed success.

It was compared to the goddess Venus, so she was able to capture attention of men. But, the most interesting is the fact that, receiving many, she loved only the husband. Acquaintance to the composer flattered Mogador. Possibly, she already at the first meeting entered it in the list of those interesting acquaintances which are presented to the famous people by destiny. It is no more, and not less. But Bizet sincerely fell in love with this woman. And she laughed at his love, speaking as true Carmen: “ I like more men to whom I am not necessary “. Of course, Mogador realized that them can connect little except a bed. She understood that Bizet is young, and she grows old. Mogador herself pushed away from itself the composer, having defiantly laughed at him: in the presence of her mother and house on Bizet excited with passion the tub with water was poured out, and the young composer under shouts and a laughter of inhabitants of the house of the courtesan was expelled from her life.

George`s self-esteem was wounded. He long was ill after parting from darling. But - c’est la vie as French speak! The destiny brings together great people in order that they got bright joint experience, and only bright love stories are worthy that they were inspired by the Muse. While there are such meetings, there are a wish to believe that life is fine. There is a wish to wish to all readers to be worthy great love, but it is necessary to remember that the great love is an also great victim, and great disappointment. But there is a wish to believe that your love will become worthy recognitions of the Muse as there were worthy her recognitions passion of the composer Georges Bizet to the elite courtesan Mogador.