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Why we are not rich?

On the subject lifted on the XI World Russian National Cathedral Wealth and poverty: historical calls of Russia (on March 5 - 7, 2007).

The poor has bad habits.

Robert Kiyosaki.

We say that the person can be rich if in his system of values there is money if money is significant if he thinks of them day and night.

Some interlocutors interrupt: Here I - think of money constantly, but they are absent and probably will never be .

- And what you think of money?

- As that, they are absent, here I think where they disappear and as to me to catch them!

- to Catch?

- Well, others - that row with a shovel, than I am worse!?

- Tell how, in your opinion, wealthy people think of money, just as you?

- is clear that in a different way when I have a lot of money, I will begin to think in a different way too.

- Irony that at first it is necessary to begin to change thoughts will appear then money. You are ready to it?

- I do not know, there is no wish to look the fool. I will exchange, and money both was not, and is not present. What then? - you Want

that responsibility for future changes and for your life in general someone undertook another? Perhaps, I?

The reason that the person, it seems, also thinks of money both wants them, and looks for opportunities to become provided, and desirable welfare both was not, and is not present, that this person has an inexact picture of vision of the world. How the person thinks of world around and of himself, in its estimates and judgments mistakes crept in. The person with the distorted picture of the world is similar to the Muscovite who goes across Paris with a highway map of Moscow and is perplexed why he cannot leave to " in any way; To Big Ben .

If the world surprises you, so your picture of the world is imperfect: it is distorted or not full. To take at least the relations with the direct head. Its acts surprise you, you cannot understand why concerning you one decisions are made (often not fair) and others are not accepted (very expected by you). Inside you know that you the excellent person and the great worker. But why your chief in an emphasis does not notice it? Means, you appeared in a situation when your picture of the world concerning itself does not coincide with what you are seen by the head.

Means, exercise time " came; Self-portrait head`s eyes . That it to execute

, you have to be internally ready to criticism.

It is easy to prepare for it. It is necessary to understand that only on criticism you can learn something useful. To people, the avoiding critics who cannot suffer it, we speak: If you have a car, then in it, on an instrument guard, precisely there is a sensor showing the current level of fuel. Right now go to the auto electrician, let he will close the sensor so that it always showed full tank . It is convenient: you go, and you have a full tank. You go, and you have a full tank. You go, and you have a full tank. Only, for God`s sake, be not at night one at the intersection of Slanting and Tanning lines without gasoline

the Problem of the sensor of fuel not to scoff at the driver, what you bad and to inform how many gasoline remained. A problem of criticism not to offend or offend, and to show in what the person is not perfect and that he should correct.

Now when you are ready to criticism and self-criticism, we will begin exercise:

1. Sit down conveniently . Choose time and the place that you were not distracted at least within 15 - 20 minutes.

2. Present the immediate superior who is thoughtfully looking out of the window. Perhaps, he thought of you? Perhaps, the head solves: What it can charge ? How you think what answers will occur to the head in response to this question? Whether it will find such business which could charge you and to be quiet for result?

If the head, charging you something, in details and several times explains as as as it is necessary to do, so he doubts your ability to finish this business with the necessary result. Perhaps, there were precedents to which the head points, how on last mistakes. They should be corrected. You know how happens: once you stumble in the face of the administration twice, and it draws far-reaching conclusions: cannot stand on the feet, the guide " is required;. Try to overpersuade him then.

The head is by the window and thinks of you: What he will make if he reaches a deadlock or will be mistaken ?

Some people have a wrong picture of the world in which it appears: good employees are not mistaken . It forces them to hold back, at least, the misses, and at worst - is banal to lie. Actually, the good employee the one who directly and openly recognizes the mistakes is ready to correct them and to draw from this conclusions. Not the one who is mistaken is bad. It is bad, the one who makes the same mistakes.

You have a serious problem if the head considers that you will hide the made mistake. It means one: to charge to such person a responsible task - too big risk: Something will go not so, and he will keep silent, and the truth will become known when nothing can already be corrected, well is not present !

The head is by the window and, reflecting on you, solves: What is really important for it ? Sports activities therefore over a workplace boxing gloves hang are important for you. That all knew? No, it will not impress the head. You think of the gloves so: They symbolize my persistence and readiness for severe conditions of work . The head from the belltower thinks so: It has not a business, but the sport on mind, will send it to business trip to Cuba, so he instead of establishment of contacts on competitions will run .

What you tell? And, clear, over your table not boxing gloves hang. So it just and not important. The essence is in whether the head knows that THIS work is important for you. It is rather important. It is very important. More important than much. Your head is by the window and thinks: Whether it Will work for me in a year ? You think, a little significant question? But depends on the answer: to

and) whether the head Will send you for training and professional development. If he sees, your readiness to work in the company, then costs of this training - investments, otherwise - losses.

) whether it Will impart experience and to open trade secrets. If he does not see prospects, then

will definitely not begin to train for itself the competitor. in) whether it Will enter awards and in total - it . There is no need to motivate the one who long here will not be late. You think, the logic here turned, you consider that correctly so: You motivate me, properly, and I will work for you all life ? If your answer yes - re-read the beginning of article. Change of behavior and thoughts precede money. Always!

Your direct head is by the window and thinks: Whether it is Always predictable ? You like image of the creative and inventive guy? You such also are? Then it is clear why the head so long is by the window. Attribute to the German general Guderian words which he pronounced after the Battle of Stalingrad supposedly he did not see nothing is more terrible than untrained Russian crew in the tank You know, than our tankmen so frightened Guderian? Aha, the unpredictability. All know that tanks on bogs do not go. If in tanks the trained commanders and mechanics - drivers sat, then they would not go. And so Chucked in all bog with tanks, and then already on tanks of the drowned companions, other coast of a bog, there, where them nobody waited for

of the Head, as well as the general, unpredictable people reasonably frighten. Who knows what they will make at the next moment?

3. Now we will sum up the results . If you appear before mind`s eyes of the chief not as you it would like, you should strong think and begin to act on correction of situation.

Consider, to speak it is useless. Most likely, the head pays more attention to what you do, but not on what you promise to make.

I the last as the head makes decisions, proceeding from the idea of you, without having changed this representation, you cannot expect change of the attitude towards you, change of the charged tasks, remuneration change etc. of

of Good luck!