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What is blogs? Only do not tell

to me that you never wrote! Each of us in soul the graphomaniac. We write everywhere. Where only look, there something is written. And if you and it did not notice that is almost impossible, then you precisely at least once somewhere undersigned.

But when to us the Internet came, it became simpler to leave the inscriptions and to consider itself as the writer. It was only necessary to create the page, and there it was already possible to be engaged writing as soon as your soul will wish. But for many it was beyond the power. At first learn HTML - language, and then also write scripts. But if you could make all this, then in few months at you the desire to fill up the page could be gone, and then it became a blot in world to a web .

But time changes, and now you do not need to create the website for placement of own creations. Now there were blogs. What is it? It is the usual network magazine which you can conduct though all life. But only, that you did not speak in emptiness, feedback was thought up. That is, if someone reads your Internet - the diary, and it will be pleasant to it, then this person will be able to send you the message, having written the comment to this or that record. Thus, you except that you will make entries, also will be able to communicate with people.

If you already have the blog, then all this is familiar to you. LiveJournal, still so call them, appeared because the person needs requirement to write down, and very much want to write down those events which happened to them in the afternoon. You remember when you come to some girlfriend, and at her suddenly on the shelf you find the personal diary? You will not be able to stop yourself, and it is obligatory for at least steam of pages, but will read. Now, when blogs shrouded all Internet, for you just great opportunities opened - not only to read records of others, but also to criticize them or to praise.

In essence the blog is the chronological record of events composed or just really described by one, or several authors. Sometimes, reading blogs, it is possible to find also someone`s stories or to read verses. But besides, it would be boring for all to see before eyes one text so you except small letters still can paste into the blog photos or pictures to show the mood or to diversify the Internet - the diary.

The blog is not a chat and not a forum where all communicate with all. In the blog you are a main character, only you can establish rules here, and another already to solve, to obey to them or not. If to speak shortly, then this place of your benefit performance. And who knows, maybe, through your blog you will become well-known? However, I do not know such people yet. But everything can be.

If you asked a question as the blog works, then with pleasure I will answer. Everything is very simple: you will work in the ordinary editor who reminds us favourite Word. All this mechanism, and in other words, a script, is on the server and when you request the page to write the comment or to describe events of last day, you directly or indirectly address this script. By the way, the mechanism can be still brought also in the page.

I heard recently that blogs are again - a problem, as well as all other means of communication on the Internet. Today the number of the beginning writers every day grows. Already now it exceeds 18 million. Very large number of the companies abroad entered filling of the blog that their subordinated were not distracted by this tightening occupation in operating time into a daily routine. I think, you felt it if you at least once began to fill in the personal diary. Perhaps and at us will enter special time for the Internet soon - communication?

As they say, time will tell.