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From where undertook The Eighth of March?

Eighth of March or any other day relating to women - it is not important. It is important that there is a lot of such days, they are in each culture and all of them are very similar. There are days devoted to women in principle, the days devoted to mothers, devoted to girls, devoted to keepers of the center. And even days of certain professions which traditionally belong to female owing to a basic floor personnel . All these holidays are characterized, as a rule, by the attitude towards women and a set of the ceremonial indicators which are carried out defined in society either for the sake of women, or with their direct participation.

Moreover, similar holidays were always not only in all cultures, but also at all stages of development of society. They are known in ancient Rome, in Scythia, at ancient Slavs, and even at absolutely primitive tribes it is possible to allocate the similar periods of time accompanied with special attention to the woman. Possibly, since primitive time the tradition " also arose; pochitatelny the relations to a female and it is probable, then and it was necessary to allocate for this honoring special time in a calendar.

In ancient times for any person the woman was a being unimaginably mysterious. She could make what all others could not make - to make new life. It was the bridge between life and a non-existence. Of course, such categories nobody thought, but latent awareness of importance and mystery of emergence of life always pursued reason of the person.

Goddesses - women in labor were not casually very first gods in the history of mankind. The first known idolopodobny products which the person addressed represent primitive images of the person with hypertrophied female signs. It also is clear, everyone since the childhood gets used that mother is a food, heat and safety whom to address a bad minute how not to the image of mother?

But society grows and develops, and socially - important functions of people increase. Besides care of the child and his livelihood, women begin to master the house and to observe that order which allows to exist to the man`s world. The set of the cases necessary for life in its basis and for formation, and then and fixing of a civilization, leads to increase in duties and reduction of time. As a result tribes are forced to read the mothers at the same time and when for this purpose gets resources and it is rather safe.

In ancient civilizations there are holidays devoted to honoring of mothers or all women. It is already not just mother`s cult, it is the issued tradition to repay a debt to gratitude for everything made women for society in general and the specific person in particular. Similar festivals become less on term more and more according to the list of ceremonies. Eventually, in our country the custom is formed to note on March 8. By tradition, this day women are given gifts and carry out their functions. All are given day off and an opportunity to get drunk (and to women to make). Give to women flowers and tell congratulations.

But in modern society of the woman continue not only to give birth to children and to master the house. They are forced to work in the main weight besides the house, owing to disorder of civil society to be engaged in public work and continuous feed of own resources of kindness, beauty, good breeding, wisdom, a pedagogichnost, understanding, warm-heartedness and sensuality in our severe world to give all this processed and checked to the families, husbands and relatives.

At the same time the relation in society sharply changed. Yes, earlier women had no vote and an opportunity to study, but men respectfully greeted and opened doors, monitored the speech and manners, and also did not afford platitudes and roughnesses. Otherwise they were left without women`s society. In the modern fussing world of the woman achieved for themselves a set of the rights and freedoms, but lost almost all privileges, except March 8. And the volume of their functions and importance for society only increased.

Probably, once you treat the woman as to the WOMAN, but not to the neighbor in a school desk, and work will become more pleasant. Probably, you should not affording addresses as with street maids, and then you will be surrounded only by ladies. Probably, you should not buying once a year in mad volumes flowers, and to give on a flower to the woman every time instead of the bought can of beer, and then wives will love more husbands, and girls will become more faithful. Probably, costs if not to write then to study several stanzas for it at a table or in the public place, and then the feast will turn into an invited dinner.

Probably, all this to make not so difficult, and then women will become women. And you will notice at once that you became at last a MAN, which more often than Casanova, beautiful and unique women surround.