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What do Euros smell of? Part 1.

we believe In God, we check all the rest

On each dollar note there is an inscription, the such motto of America: In God we trust - We believe In God . Not all know that it is only a half of a saying. Its second part sounds so: Everything else we check - We check All the rest . A fine saying, both concerning dollar, and concerning any other currency.

In the beginning of the century there was the most large-scale in the history of mankind monetary reform. At once in twelve European countries the national currency was replaced with new monetary unit - euro. This epoch-making event gave the greatest joy to counterfeiters of the whole world. Still, there was a rare opportunity to fool millions of the people yet not familiar with the main distinctive signs of this currency. And they perfectly managed it. The first forgeries appeared already a month before their official introduction. Both went, and went.

Reached that recently swindlers managed to put off the false note to the clerk in official exchange office in Hungary. All focus that they exchanged for forints a banknote of nonexistent face value in 1 thousand euros. If the person who is specially trained so made a blunder what to speak about mere mortals.

Monthly banks reveal thousands of counterfeit notes. However, it nothing in comparison with euro lump, is in circulation 7 billion banknotes. Epidemic of forgeries came also to us. For certain and in your hometown false pieces of paper of 50 and 10 euros appeared too. Than we it is worse than Europe?

People step on the same rake again and again - allow to put off to themselves false bank notes. Therefore the subject of this article is actual always. Especially in present restless times when euro exchange rate grows, and dollar rate falls, and the population is very anxious with to change one pieces of paper for others.

You should not smell euro, money does not smell!

I that is offensive: today euro is the most protected currency of the world. Counterfeiters cannot reproduce all elements of protection. It demands big money. Therefore they duplicate simplified candy wrappers calculated on inattentive people. And if not to regret time, it is easy to find a fake. The banknote should be examined, turned and felt only. It is not necessary to smell, money does not smell.

Having taken the note in hand, pay attention to its advantage, workmanship of requisites and their coherence. Banknotes of seven face values, all of them different color and the size are introduced into circulation: 5 - gray; 10 - red; 20 - blue; 50 - orange; 100 - green; 200 - ochre; 500 - lilac. So if will try to palm off on you 500 - an euro banknote of orange or gray color - do not take, zero on it are finished drawing.

On banknotes drawings, and symbols expressing the main idea of the created money are represented not just. These are architectural constructions in the spirit of the European styles of different eras. On the face - gate and windows, a symbol of openness and cooperation. And on the back - the bridges uniting the people. The more small a banknote, the less its size, the construction represented on it is more ancient. Two parallel lines in a letter of characterize the hardness of new currency.

On each banknote - the image of a flag of the European Union - a wreath from 12 stars on the blue field, and on the back - the map of Europe. The name of currency on both parties is specified by Latin and Greek letters. It is boring to list all requisites, all the same you do not remember them.

Complexity of what is represented on euro banknotes is not any obstacle for counterfeiters therefore special signs of authenticity of banknotes which to forge much more difficultly are entered into each banknote.