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What do we know about purses and as to fill them?

the Purse, such thing ordinary nowadays, actually is much more important, than we got used to think. Well, judge for yourself, it is storage of our budget. In it the secret of our welfare is kept. From as far as he is stout, our mood and perception of the world sometimes depends. There is nobody not a secret that financial problems can drive people to despair. Grown thin koshelyochek can be the cause of a depression. And as soon as he is stout, look, and the sun shines brighter, and plans grandiose are born, and a nastroyenyitsa smiling.

Medieval omonyer - monetary sacks from skin which were suspended on cords to a belt became prototypes of present purses. And before money stored at all pleated clothes, tops of hats and behind a top of boots. But with the advent of paper money omonyer became inconvenient therefore, improving convenience of storage of money, we received as a result present purses, koshelyochka, a purse and wallets. Purses, by the way, happen not only a real bagatelle, but also exist virtual or electronic, but it is, perhaps, a subject separate.

It is accepted to call ladies` objects for storage of money purses, and man`s - a purse or wallets. As the main material for production of purses and a purse serves skin. If yours koshelyochek goes complete with a handbag, then it looks stylishly. But, proceeding from reality, a handbag we nevertheless change more often than a purse. And you know why? Yes because it is not so simple to change a purse.

There is an opinion that the purse cannot be bought. The purse needs to be received by all means as a gift moreover surely with money. The empty purse is not given. Here and wait when there is a suitable holiday moreover and people who will want to present you this necessary bagatelle. To choose a purse, it appears, too it is necessary to be able. It is necessary to think over whether offices of a purse, its sizes, the invoice and even color will be conveniently located. As this year - a fiery Boar, color of a purse has to be from dark-claret to light-red.

Many signs in general are connected with a purse. For example, if dreamed you that your purse is full of new notes or other values, then destiny to you cheerful happy life in which there will be a place of mutual love is prepared. And here photos of darlings and relatives should not be stored in a purse, a bad sign which conducts to a lack of money.

There are also small cunnings for attraction of fatness to your purse. The elementary way - to carry scales of fish in a purse. Choose a small fish grow larger, the more scales, the bigger advantage of the note will be found. It is possible to try a method of three coins connected by a red thread. Too, speak, helps.

And one more way which, perhaps, will cause in you bewilderment but to you it will be by all means cheerful. Try to recharge your purse the charger from the mobile phone. Ask how? I answer: just you take charging, you insert into a purse and you load. The result surely will not keep long itself waiting.

If the last method raised at you a smile, then for thickness of your purse can be quiet. Time you smile, means to leanness to it far. What and from now on I wish you.