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Why rats run from the fateful ship?

about eighty Years ago in the Kara Sea a hydrographer V. A. Berezkin started a sounding balloon in the sky. Having incidentally brought closer a sphere to an ear, he felt eardrum pain. Repeated experiment. Same result.

The puzzle received an explanation in three years. The physicist V. V. Shuleykin proved that passing of wind over crests of waves, excites low-frequency fluctuations - an infrasound. And the sphere filled with hydrogen strengthens them as the resonator.

Usual sounds quickly dissipate in air, and low-frequency - are told to huge distances almost without loss. It is so possible to hear an echo of far storms.

The same fluctuations arise also in the water environment, and in water they extend seven times quicker, than in air. They can extend to hundreds of kilometers from the place of their emergence. And if so, can serve as a harbinger of the approaching storm.

At you still everything is quiet, but on the amplifying infrasonic noise you can predict future bad weather, using the devices capable to catch sounds of infranizky frequency. And not only storm, but also earthquakes, tsunami.

Saying that the infrasound is not heard, we mean that it is not heard only for us. Many animals perfectly hear in the infrasonic range.

For the first time it was revealed at jellyfishes. On the edge of a bell of jellyfishes organs of hearing size about a pin head are located. The bell as a loud-hailer strengthens fluctuations and transfers them to acoustical cages. And long before approach of a storm or a tsunami of a jellyfish go to saving depth.

Cats leave houses before earthquakes, birds become silent before the approaching thunder-storm, dogs howl before a solar eclipse.

In the middle of the last century cases of mass emission on the land of cetacea were for the first time noted. Packs of whales, dolphins, killer whales suddenly were thrown out on sandy or pebble shallows. Repeated attempts to return them to native elements, as a rule, came to an end with failure.

For an explanation of this phenomenon tens of hypotheses were offered, and korellyatsionny communication between emissions and operation of sonars of the ships and submarines floating nearby was authentically proved only recently. The sound dements inhabitants of the sea.

The resonance sharply strengthens fluctuations. In certain conditions, at coincidence of resonant frequency of the case of the vessel and the sound influencing it, the vessel itself becomes a secondary source of infrasonic waves, and considerably strengthened.

It is not excluded that else in smooth water, rats, having caught a sea voice, hurry to leave the ship which resonant frequency coincides with the frequency of waves of a storm. They feel what to such ship can not be become stronger. The captain knows everything. But rats know more.

If in harbor it is possible to descend in advance, then how to be with the ships in the sea? The vessel in a fine state, in hold three hundred tons of rotten fish, and any of 12 crew members onboard - in such look found in coast of Australia a sailing vessel High aim .

Strange disappearance of crew at full safety of the vessel and excellent weather. And not the only thing. Since the first case recorded in 1872 with Maria Tselesta tens of vessels without crew are found. Who knows, maybe it is tricks of the infrasound which forced people to leave the ships in panic.