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Whether the sound can kill?

As a rule, our ear perceive the sounds having frequency from 20 to 20 thousand hertz (fluctuations in a second). The sounds having smaller frequency - infrasounds, and sounds with a bigger frequency - ultrasounds, we do not hear.

But if we do not hear them, it does not mean yet that they are absent or that they do not influence us in any way. We do not see radiation, and all know how it got us.

There is a huge number of direct evidence of impact of an infrasound on the person and on other living beings. Reliability of such influence is expressed in the normative document - Hygienic norms of an infrasound on workplaces No. 2274 - 80 .

We, people, represent the bodies fluctuating with an infrasonic frequency. Really, our lungs work with frequency of 0,3 - 0,5 Hz, heart fights slightly more often, with frequency about 1 Hz, the resonant frequency of heart - 5 - 7 Hz. Resonant frequencies of a brain, stomach, liver - 4 - 9 Hz.

Our brain fluctuates with several different frequencies depending on a kind of activity at present. For example, the delta - a rhythm of the sleeping person - 0,3 - 4 Hz, and an alpha - a rhythm of the awake person - 9 - 13 Hz.

And if on the fluctuating brain fluctuations of the same or very close frequency are imposed, there is a failure of work of a brain, to the person seems what the hell.

can cause the Infrasound in people not only unpleasant feelings, but also numerous changes in the central nervous, is warm - vascular and respiratory systems, the vestibular analyzer. For example, the sound with a frequency of 12 hertz can cause strong attacks of seasickness and dizziness.

Actually and what is seasickness how not our reaction to rolling with a resonant frequency?

Sometimes there is a so-called fear of uncertainty. Not the usual fear, and condition of not finding of danger, power of fear exponential increases in time and comes to an end with a nervous breakdown. An infrasound with a frequency of 7 - 12 Hz and intensity 60 - 120 dB cause such reaction in 10% of examinees. Also other reaction - catalepsy, a cataleptic syndrome is possible. Against the excited condition of nervous system of people gives in to suggestion easier.

Therefore - that also amplifies a panic state of people during bombardment or a cannonade.

Stronger infrasound can cause a miokardialny syndrome. Tone of heart are muffled, force and heart rate decreases. Such action is characteristic of an infrasound intensity more than 150 dB and if not less than 10 minutes sound long enough, say.

On a problem of infrasonic influence there was a lot of pseudo-scientific speculation. They say that somehow in Australia from influence of the infrasound generated by the equipment of factory chickens on a nearby farm died. If chickens perish, then also people can perish? In numerous articles on this subject it is categorically claimed that yes, can. Isn`t it?

Sound influence is characterized by two parameters: frequency and intensity. We dealt with frequency a little, now we will try to find out what intensity there has to be a sound to influence the person.

Intensity of a sound is measured in decibels (dB). Really dangerous influences begin with 120 dB, injuring - with 130 dB. Fluctuations of such power cause a ring in ears, nausea, deterioration in sight, fear. The infrasound is stronger 130 dB breaks digestion and cogitative activity, causes weakness, a blindness and will even paralyze.

Stronger infrasound perhaps will also stop heart, BUT!

Maximum levels of low-frequency acoustic vibrations from industrial and transport sources do not exceed 100 - 110 dB. Even at the movement of the train of the subway in the tunnel intensity of an infrasound makes 104 - 105 dB. A roar intensity 130 dB publish the jet engine, and the sound 150 dB is commensurable with action of a shock wave. For continuous generation of such sounds really huge capacities are necessary. And to do an infrasonic gun to kill people - irrationally. There are more effective methods.

And here to influence mentality, to intimidate, inspire, brainwash - as much as necessary.