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How it is correct to coquet?

women skillfully used For a long time the beauty and charm to win the heart of the man. The coquetry always was a certain way to be pleasant to the elect. In our society for some reason it is considered to be as a shortcoming, and not any woman is ready to tell about herself: Yes! I am a coquette! . And, if to approach a question intelligently if to observe sense of proportion, then the coquetry can become one of the main advantages.

the Essence of a female coquetry - in continuous change of mood, in manifestation of the qualities which are alternately attracting and pushing away the man. The woman entices, fascinates, a lot of things promise a casual look, negligent gesture. But suddenly its interest vanishes, she turns away as if having forgotten about the admirer. When the afflicted admirer begins to recover, it endows him with the attention again, pretending that nothing unusual occurred. The skillful and pertinent coquetry is inherent in not everyone. Perhaps, to it, as well as many other, it is necessary to study.

Here several basic rules for the beginning coquette:

1. Be natural: various grimaces, an impetuous baby talk and chatter are capable to exasperate even the most reserved man.

2. Try to estimate yourself soberly: the affectedness and a cooing which are not supported with appearance or not corresponding I will increase, can cause sneers and beat off any desire to continue acquaintance.

3. not to look too thoughtless, concentrate the attention on some one man: you should not smile to all without analysis, there is a big risk to be left with nothing.

4. If you decided to play on his nerves (to be late or at all not to keep the appointment, to ignore its calls, frankly to miss in its society etc.) do not play. Remember that if today you are indifferent and cold, then tomorrow you have to be ardent, loving and gentle.

5. be not unambiguous and predictable, such versions of answers to his questions best of all will approach: can be I will think it is improbable . The concern and uncertainty at certain moments of your relationship will help to belong and appreciate more carefully precious minutes of tenderness and warmth.

6. Consider that the man with ease can use the same receptions in relation to you. For example, after a pelting you bouquets of flowers and phone calls, it suddenly will unexpectedly be gone. And when you will go already crazy from love to it, again will appear with flowers and compliments. And here will be able to twirl by you as will want. Do not come across this rod at once, otherwise you risk to lose the head forever.

These rules are quite simple. But, first of all, listen to own heart. The imagination of the man is easy to force to work intensively. And here it is much more difficult to wake up in it true feelings. Be different, be unpredictable, be mysterious - it will save you from monotony and boredom. But the most important - be yourself, then you will definitely not make the wrong choice of the partner in life.