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By what criteria choose a web - studio?

the Market a web - developments are a huge sector of employment of thousands of people. This market almost completely in shadows, at the same time level of the competition is not lower, than on the Odessa Supply.

It was simpler earlier. There were few websites and the subdomain on narod. ru, together with the website created by means of simple templates of this service did not look, to put it mildly, informally. Today, to attract, and, above all to hold the user on the resource, it is necessary that it was made tasty including design, a usability and content. But, if the last depends on the author of the website - here will not get to anywhere, then the first two indicators even more often trust professionals.

Below-mentioned criteria, perhaps, will help those who followed a thorny road a web - the designer and tries to break through a competitive jungle to the light budshchy.

Perhaps, the main criterion recommendations of acquaintances, opinions of the users who were already dealing with the company are. It is still the most significant factor for implementation of the choice for the performer. Thousands of forums on all Network dazzle with branches of the discussions beginning a question from a series: Advise good a web - " studio;? As a rule, the answer follows immediately: I know the excellent company hkhkh. Children take cheap and do excellent design Bla - bla - bla. Administrators of forums got used, as the question, and the answer - from one IP address and sneer more and more seldom about it.

It is already more difficult to manipulate the second criterion. It is about a portfolio - obligatory attribute any web - studio or the freelancer. The portfolio gives us information at least on two important things: how the studio does the websites and who works with it? Strangely enough, the second moment is not less important, than the first.

The third criterion (though many put it on the first place) is the cost of service. And, depending on the level of studio, there are features here. The market is not transparent, especially for small customers. On the Internet a set of announcements of creation of the website for 50 c.u., and not less where the required sum is two orders higher. Therefore it makes sense to speak about the price competition in a segment of medium-sized developers. Big players have the headache. They cannot underestimate any more the prices since it causes reasonable suspicions from solid clients.

Further there are not so significant criteria, however at equivalent offers they play a considerable role in the choice of studio too. One of them, as well as in other spheres of business, is experience. Reliability here directly is associated at the client with that how many years at the market there is a studio. The low threshold of entry on the market creates a situation when the number of the " companies; something ephemeral exceeds it is admissible reasonable norms. And if a web - the studio began the business still in 90 - x, then it has more chances to win the tender, than against the ambitious beginner.

The fifth criterion - quite rare incentive motive, but, nevertheless, it plays sometimes the defining role. It is prestige. Today in the market only one company has the additional value of a brand. It is, of course, Artemy Lebedev`s Studio. And some thick clients are ready to pay 10 times more expensively, but that the website was made by masters.

The last moment is already not so much criterion, how many a question of adequacy of the performer. The customer not always orders the sample decision and sometimes puts quite interesting, but not always feasible tasks. And then its choice defines as far as the company will be able to cope with its inquiries.