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Where to buy clothes or whether It is fashionable second-hand ?

Desire to look good are present at each of us. Having looked around, we see the motley crowd dressed in dresses from strictly classical to frankly careless style. On taste and color of companions, of course, is not present

Where can acquire clothes which would satisfy our daily requirement to look according to a situation?

of Ways to acquire clothes to taste a little:

Way first:

to Order clothes in fashionable studio, having explained at the same time to the tailor what you want to see on yourself. This option will take away a lot of your free time, will force to undergo several times procedure of fitting and right at the end noticeably will strike your budget However you will have the thing which is well adjusted on you in the clothes.

Way second: to Pay to

visit to boutique with huge show-windows, polite sellers and exorbitant prices from domestic and foreign couturiers As a result you receive the mass of good mood, will easily leave the large sum of money and receive in clothes let and not ideally adjusted on your figure, but qualitative clothes.

Way third:

Recently the network a drain - the shops very similar to above-mentioned fashionable boutiques, with very similar goods, but at lower prices widely develops. The secret is simple - it is shops in which the exposed goods or lost long ago relevance in the world of fashion, or has insignificant defects, at times imperceptible to the buyer, but in production classified as marriage. The strong loss to your budget will not be caused here, however and the risk to look not absolutely esthetically too there is

a Way fourth:

Usual ware market. Yes, it is possible to find, apparently, here everything that the soul will wish There are enough markets, the benefit, But I know from own experience, to find that it is necessary hard. The thing on a hanger seems ideal, but on closer examination it is always possible to find defects and firm - producer most often MAYSTERNYA DYADY VASY And in the market expensive boutiques and cheap consumer goods, okreshchyonny for the unclear reasons " can be combined; Chinese junk . I want to notice that our compatriots to whom has the luck to visit China, several other opinion In the market you risk to buy also goods not qualitative, and money to spend a great lot and to get a headache from communication with professional sellers

Way fifth:

In a dark gate needs to catch well dressed person, to put it injuries of easy or average weight and to take away his clothes Such way was widely applied in the twilight of socialist society and at the time of emergence of the new independent states. In this situation we risk to catch clothes obviously not of your size, to receive resolute repulse from outside live dummy and the biography damaged by the prosecutor

the Way sixth: In the early nineties last century to the rotting breaking-up socialist society the noble western countries began to provide to

feasible humanitarian aid in a look worn, but still suitable clothes. Parcels with humanitarian aid (subsequently reduced to simpler name gumanitarka ) had the status of nearly state importance, extended in the most strict proportions through such organizations as Red cross also were instantly resold speculators (now business owners) on weight and by the piece at exorbitant prices

With final disorder of socialist society and integration of the countries of the so-called CIS into free Europe (mass departure of our compatriots on earnings and the PERMANENT RESIDENCE) the western culture for us gradually began to get habitual outlines On streets more and more foreign cars began to appear every year, the former public catering institutions replaced signs on various Bistro and PIZZA In a word, integration into the western life was well under way. There were new types of service (well forgotten old), such as Evrochistka (a dry-cleaner where clean qualitatively), Evromoyka (where will well wash your car and will even bring order to salon In general everything that is good - received or a prefix of Euro (Evrookn, Evrodveri, Eurobathroom equipment, European-quality repair) or just was called the name, but in the corresponding language For example minibuses call a beads, good roads long ago - autobahns, boutiques - boutiques, PUBS beer and those already Here and humanitarian aid there was a fashionable name - Second hand that in a literal translation Second hands and in literary worn things .

Modern businessmen quickly adapted to conditions of the market and the sekondkhendny industry gained serious scope. Bales with clothes are bought, peresortirovyvatsya in bales of the first, second etc. categories, are again resold, again sorted More decent businessmen even individually bring things into an appropriate look and elementary sanitary standards.

Phrase Second-hand so strongly entered into our daily lexicon that we are not surprised to the advertizing " any more; Super second-hand Euro Second-hand (such impression that someone domeshivat Soviet style pea jackets and socks of the Zhytomyr chulochny factory in the European belongings), and the name of a retail network of not really new " clothes; Planet Second-hand just any more concerns nobody Present only that if there is a planet Second-hand means there has to be somewhere in the Universe also a planet Fyorst Hand (The First Hands) the Range of such shops is rather wide

: beginning from jackets and sheepskin coats and finishing with women`s tights and shorts As in all shops, there are days of a supply when the price differs a little here, and sometimes and exceeds the price of new things of the same firms - producers, there are discounts, various actions

Every Tuesday in the nearest " shop from my house; Planet Second-hand day of a supply. From eight in the morning buyers get in a queue where it is possible to see the old kind citizen Ochered with all that it implies delights of turns of speech and elements of a kind of the Soviet single combat of sambo under the name ON - FLY ) Protection lets in

on five - seven people and strictly watches that nobody left shop in the tried-on things

Is a pity that we cannot receive in pure form a smell which proceeds from remarkable western goods If we manage it - that chances armies of the countries of NATO simply would not have because any of the known models of gas masks not in forces to protect from such stench The truth our people can be in such atmosphere for hours, at the same time conducting active military operations with competitors and not less hardy personnel of shop

But it is lyrics, and at the beginning of spring there are a strong wish to give men advice: get the far hided grist and buy the women some Expensive and beautiful thing. Let it will be a spring jacket or at least new tights, but not those which carried half a year without removing Frau Muller And still bring home flowers and you will feel at once that not and far we lagged behind the western countries that we are able to afford to squander money, let is not frequent, but heartily Well really we are not worthy that our women went in clothes first-hand and rejoiced to beauty and aroma of madly expensive elite roses