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What cake to make for a children`s holiday?

Festive impressions are available to children from the earliest age. An unusual situation even chest children feel around. Babies respond to unusual emotions and high spirits of adults, rejoice to new toys and are surprised to other furniture of the room.

Psychologists recommend not to invite many guests to the first birthday of the kid: at the age of one - two years for a children`s holiday there are quite enough closest relatives. However three - chetyrekhletka can already accept the bigger number of guests.

But at any age the most fascinating experiences are connected with gifts and of course, with candles on festive cake. We will also talk about it today.

In many shops of any city ready cakes for every taste are on sale, however, as a rule, it is cakes for adults. For a children`s organism their structure is superfluous. Besides, kids are, as a rule, extremely picky in food. And, at last, some components (dyes, synthetic cream) can cause allergic reaction.

Specialists in baby food recommend to prepare sweets for kids in house conditions, using products, simple and habitual for the child.

I bring to your attention recipes of the most effective children`s cakes. Cake for the one-year-old kid

is taken by

As a basis of cake the " cookies; Mollycoddle or any other children`s cookies. Cookies are dipped in dairy mix, give all the best on a plate, then cottage cheese or fruit puree is put (what is already eaten by your kid), then fruit (bananas, a kiwi, tangerines, - too from fruit already known to the child), again cookies etc. of

Everything depends on your imagination. It is desirable to prepare in advance at least once that in the holiday there were no surprises.

If cottage cheese or fruit give a lot of juice, then cookies do not need to be soaked or it is necessary to dip through one!

It is possible to weld for cake fruit jelly from apples : to take 500 g of the green peeled apples, to squeeze out of them juice without pulp. To cook without sugar on rather slow fire of minutes 40 - 50, before emergence of good brown color (that on a spoon flew down, but not quickly). To fill in with the received fruit jelly cake.

" cake; The Engine from Romashkovo

Necessary products:

For the test:

wheat flour - 2 glasses

of egg - 5 pieces

sugar - 1 glass

milk - 6 tablespoons

vanillin to taste

For a stuffing:

jam fruit or jam - 1 glass

For fondant:

butter - 50 g

icing sugar - 125 g

milk - 1 h a spoon

For registration:

cookies round - 8 pieces

the milk condensed with sugar boiled - 150 g

glaze crimson and sea-buckthorn - 100 g

the Way of preparation:

to beat Egg whites and yolks separately, then to connect. In stages to enter sugar and to shake up the mass of 15 minutes. to Pour in

in egg weight warm milk, to shake up 1 minute. Then to add vanillin and gradually - the sifted flour, to mix.

to Pour out dough a thin layer on the oiled baking sheet. To bake a biscuit of 5 - 7 minutes at 150 C.

On the parchment greased with butter to lay out a hot biscuit from a baking sheet, to cut on 2 unequal parts. To grease them with jam and to curtail densely roll, to cool.

For fondant to connect the softened oil to icing sugar and milk, to shake up mix the mixer. to collect

From rolls and cookies engine fastening details with condensed milk. To issue cake glaze, fondant and to lay on the dish strewed with icing sugar.

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Tasty festive mood to you and your children!