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To what and as learn American Buratin? America eyes of the Russian provincial

One of the few, than we can outdo America is our education. Our stable mediocre pupil without effort leaves in excellent students among the peers at the American school. To transfer meters to decimeters or yards in meters in a graduation class - to place the serious order for receiving a grant for further education, it seems as to win the regional Olympic Games on mathematics against us.

1. School education.

the Program at schools (as well as in colleges and universities) variable, i.e., is not present concept of the uniform program of training. There is a number of obligatory objects in the minimum volume, and the others are defined by the pupil. It needs to gain a certain number of points to the termination of educational institution. Probably, concept loading exists also at the American teachers. And it will take them mathematics, physics, biology or singing, physical culture, drawing, - by and large, not important. Short-sightedness of such approach to training will become obvious for the pupil only at education continuation. And what is the time he will receive this average education - too concerns nobody. At schools there are even kindergartens for children of pupils.

For this reason there is no concept class and schoolmates in value united by the uniform training program, the general teachers and lessons of group of peers. These collectives are various sports sections, circles, open classrooms. The main subject at the American schools is a physical culture. Gyms, stadiums, pools are practically at each school. The school represents rather school town - a complex of the buildings which are not necessarily connected by the covered transitions. Separate classes at school settle down in rooms like sea cargo containers with narrow cracks of windows under a roof. Klaustrofobam - death, and our health officers on hygiene of children and teenagers would close all American schools forever!

Obligatory attribute of the school town - the huge automobile parking. Having been surprised the first time to such number of cars about school (it how many teachers at this school work!), received an explanation - it is cars of pupils. Americans get the driver`s license in 15 years. At wealthy parents as incentive to good study of the offspring serves the promise to change to it the car for more prestigious - in case of the successful end of study (not only schools, but also a separate class). Loss of rainfall in the form of snow 2 cm thick cancels classes at schools for the reason abnormally - dangerous roads.

Existence of school buses does not influence a situation - as it is possible for the pupil, the owner " Porsche; (there are also such!) to go by the school bus, though few times in a year?! School buses are the untouchables in the motor transport. If school buses - tension on the route as at us go at journey of a government train. The stopped bus throws back the sign " on the carriageway; Stop and violation of this sign automatically leads to loss of the driving license.

In the course of training, by results of delivery of annual final tests, the rating of progress and achievements of potential students - in each staff is conducted and it is general - American. I.e., for you as well as in case of credit history, attentively observes an eye of Omniscience of Uncle Sam. And in senior class at school already colleges begin to do you offers, and you choose whom to make happy with the light head, who more tempting financial (generally!) offers terms to you.

2. The college is the following step of training. In most cases it is also sufficient for comfortable further existence. To our measures - this technical training college (and the school program is 9 classes). In college it is possible to study without special financial problems, making success not only in training, but also in sport. Because each college has the teams protecting his honor and tries to complete them with the corresponding shots.

3. The higher education. to

Receiving the higher education is available to not everyone. Because training cost at university averages 25 - 45 thousand a year (without accommodation). Often students take the educational credit and together with the diploma receive a many thousands debt. But existence of the diploma about the higher education guarantees decent (depending on prestigiousness of higher education institution) a salary minimum. However obtaining the diploma is far not as unambiguous, as in our higher education institutions. We, in the absence of the academic debts and a positive assessment at protection of the degree project, receive the desired crusts unambiguously. In the same place can seem to the member of the commission on thesis defense that here in this subject you still do not need to take three courses for about three months and to pass training on this subject, and, maybe, in half a year it will be possible once again to try to defend the project I.e., CRUSTS will not give you! To our diploma student - the excellent student (to the excellent student!) even trained on the budgetary basis, at such development of the final reanimation would be required.

4. Vocational education. the System of vocational training differs with

radically from ours. I.e., if professional skills of the mechanic or builder can learn in 3 months, then there is no need to spend for it two years. The center of preparation has a set of classes of various orientation, and in them qualified specialists will give the necessary volume of professional knowledge and crusts allowing you to carry out a concrete type of works. Often these courses can be received free of charge (all - someone should work, and according to standards!) Our engineers and Candidates of Technical Sciences without effort become the universal workers capable to stand in the professional competition during reduction in production and dismissal of workers.

In the same centers a language course for emigrants, the different level of preparation works. I, with mine shkolno - high school English of twenty-year prescription (estimate quality of teaching!) got on the third step, and in group we had 11 Mexicans, three Peruvians, four Vietnamese and three us, Russians. Members of the party Great Russia got to national minorities, at last. The teacher talks only in English, understands Spanish a little (Mexico behind a village fence). It is focused not on a spoken language, and on subject - that as is called. About assimilation of emigrants with its rules and laws on these courses the speech did not go to the American reality. Perhaps for this purpose there is other course?

Having an opportunity to send our children for study on an exchange to America, we hope for the EXCHANGE of knowledge, skills, information. But the American teenagers most often have nothing to offer on an exchange. They have neither knowledge, nor erudition, nor culture, but the annoying that they and from you WISH to take nothing, to them it is UNINTERESTING! The main source of information at them - the TV in which transfers are divided equally into soap operas, current - show and telesermons of various sects. They are incurious, self-confident, selfish, self-sufficient. And the American language is it seems and English, but not aristocrats, but servants (remember the classical movie My fair lady ).

You appreciate our secondary education, it in other hemisphere can quite compete with their highest - in practical application of knowledge. And for what we, otherwise, study?