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How to lose virginity, or the First time - it is difficult most!

the First proximity are remembered forever by both men and women. How to prepare for the first contact with the partner how to behave, is written much. But eternal the question is set again and again. We hope that to readers - both absolutely young, and tempted - it will be interesting to read a fragment from the book of the American sexopathologist and the popular teleradio host Ruth Vestkhaymer Sex for teapots . To what all this haste? Many treat the first time, as a barrier between the childhood and adulthood which should be overcome whenever possible rather. By it it is thought as if virginity is a sign of weakness as if the whole world knows about them misfortune also laughs them in a back. Moreover on the TV and at cinema show eternally muzhchinisty superheroes who first of all drag the woman in a bed...

Often young people of both sexes plainly cannot undress, are afraid that somebody will see them, they or too fuss, or are held awfully down. The main goal - to be quit with it somewhat quicker. It is sad. You will always remember: where when also to whom you gave the innocence if, however, not were gathered at the same time to a disgrace. These memoirs can be cold - you practically did not know he (she), or, on the contrary, warm - that person was dear to you and had to you sincere feelings. I do not insist at all that it is necessary to leave virginity only in marriage. I only warn: Do not miss this moment! Make thrifty use of the first time! The Beginning does not impress. I will dare to notice: your first time from purely sexual point of view will be most likely not really. For the first time the vast majority of women of an orgasm does not test. And for many men the first time comes to an end too quickly - they, the poor things who is not able to tell was - was not .

Nevertheless there are several reasons, from - for whom the first time should be made special: your first sexual experience can significantly affect the further relation to sex life; other reason not to give the innocence to the foreign or unfamiliar person is a high probability of psychological inconveniences, in other words, of shame and confusion which will hardly manage to be avoided. The part of women feels pain at a rupture of a virgin pleva.

Some men do not manage to understand at once, where to implant a penis. Whether it is better to be sure of a caring attitude to himself of the person who will try not to hurt your feelings? And, of course, it is necessary to remember diseases, sexually transmitted, for example AIDS. The people having chaotic sex, which prostitutes and " treat; davalka are infection carriers much more often.

the First time for women

Though I sincerely hope that all of you, have darlings of the woman, the first sexual intercourse will take place well, it is necessary to remember two stumbling blocks: virgin Plehve and possibilities of a vaginizm. At many virgins of a plev it is already partially broken. The part of women tears it at sports activities (in particular cycling and riding) or tampons. If your pleva is already torn, then it is improbable that it was painful to you or you had blood. If it is still whole, possibly, it will be a little painful to you and will appear slightly - slightly blood, but in the heat of the moment short pain, most likely, will quickly be forgotten. If blood during sexual intercourse is for you for any reasons a subject of the special relation or causes alarm, just do not forget to spread a towel.

You, probably, heard about a vaginizm. This involuntary compression of vaginal muscles at an excessive nervous tension of the woman. And you will be nervous almost for certain for the first time. I do not speak about it as about something inevitable. Just you remember: it sometimes happens and is not terrible at all. Some women write me in letters that they have all such small... and that sex for them is impossible. Do not worry. The vagina has ability to stretching - the child can get out through it! - so what - what, and the place to a penis will be there. What should be done at a vaginizm? Be engaged with the partner in preliminary caress (the longer, the better). At strong sexual excitement the vaginizm even on the horizon will not arise. And if your man slightly gave short to you caress, return and start everything anew. One precisely should not be done - to try to enter the intercourse at any cost. The fact that sexual intercourse is impossible to you today, does not mean that it will not turn out tomorrow. One more council, very useful to the first time: enclose a pillow under the back. Having changed the angle of penetration of a penis into a vagina, you strongly facilitate all process.

the First time for men

the First sexual intercourse conceals in itself a set of reefs and for men. Nerves can play a bad joke and who, tell with your ability to an erection, is not nervous in a similar situation? One does not manage to achieve an erection in general. At another the erection is present, but nerves prevail when he tries to get a penis to the woman, and here to you shaltay - stir . I sincerely hope that you listened to my council and with you nearby the woman who loves you and protects your feelings. Minute - it is worth having a rest, calm another nerves. And then its turn to help you with an erection - to massage your penis - and to try again. Most likely, you will face a problem of a premature ejaculation. Which - which of men comes to such excitement from thoughts of the forthcoming event that the orgasm happens at it before penetration into a vagina. Certainly, the erection right there falls down, and the intercourse becomes impossible. It is a shame? And how! Inconveniently? You ask! Doomsday? By no means not! Even having tendency to a premature ejaculation, the man can try to keep the member in wild spirits at least for introduction. For 90 percent male difficulties - intellectual character, but not physical. It is difficult to eliminate the physical reasons of impotence, and here psychological, as a rule, it is possible. So do not give up!