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How to correct behavior of a cat?

What to do if the kitten ignores a tray with a filler, do the affairs where will be impatient? What to do if, coming home, you find the flowers which are broken off on scraps documents or the fallen eaves fell from a window sill? Generally, cat managed for a while properly.

We will not argue on education of a cat and the owner. If your pet jumps on a ceiling, curtains and sofas, and you do not see in it anything special, so in it there is nothing special. Full mutual understanding means at you with your cat.

This article for those who want to reach mutual understanding with the pet. So there is a wish to add and to live in peace. I will not order to die in one day.

So, you come home and see that your favourite cat sits on a table and with ecstasy chews leaves of darling and a floret, not guilty of anything. You shout at it, and even will splash the newspaper. The cat is frightened and runs away. She feels guilty. But only for the fact that the head of the family - you, the strong, clever leader - shouted and hit her. Next day you find the picked leaflets in a flower on a window sill. You state to it in unclear human language again as you are dissatisfied with it. For the third day you see that the cat does not meet you at a threshold. Is afraid of you. You abuse yourself for the fact that you cannot master a cat in any way. But progress it is available. You managed to teach a cat to be afraid of your emergence.

Cats easily acquire associations. It cannot connect your behavior and its act. But it connected your arrival and the fact that you shouted at it. She understands that it is necessary to be afraid of you.

Therefore the main thing that the award and punishment were connected with an act. That the cat could connect them together.

One of ways - disgust. For example, the cat has a habit to chew or suck woolen products, and even parts of a body of the owner (perhaps, it early separated from mother). Provoke it disgust. It can allow to smell something sharp and odorous, and then to sprinkle objects for which she has passion. And it is possible to sprinkle different types of spirits.

The same can be made when the cat or a cat marks the territory. If it marks in the same places, then wash out them, remove from them all cat`s smell and sprinkle a deodorant. It is also possible to use sounds and gestures. The owner will define itself that it is acceptable for his cat, the main thing that it was applied intelligently and without excessive cruelty.

There is one more way - intimidation. Intimidation which is directed directly from you - direct. If the cat conceived climb at you on eaves on a curtain, you can stop it. To strike? To shout? To grab by a nape and to throw about a wall? Some owners sometimes are stunned by impudence of the pets and lose over themselves control. Is not necessary. Arrive as the cat does to take in hand the got naughty kittens - beats with a paw a nose.

Only not too strongly, dear owners, better then break the evil on the curtain which is torn up to pieces by a cat. All the same it could not be put already, a doderita it and throw out!

However one of effective ways of intimidation - indirect intimidation. All the matter is that the cat cannot connect the act of intimidation with the person. For example, if your cat fell in love to run on precious beds, you always have to have near at hand a spray. As soon as you see that she walks on carrot - shoot at it water. The cat will be frightened and if it repeats, she will understand that as soon as she steps into beds from where - from uncertainty there is a stream of cold wet water, brrrr!

By means of methods of negative and positive fixing it is possible to achieve fine results. To cope successfully with many problems. The main thing - you love your pet. Understand psychology of a cat. Do not humanize it, do not attribute it human qualities and traits of character. Then you will understand what the cat thinks of. She thinks differently, than the person. Then many problems can be avoided in a root. Happiness and good luck to you and your pets!