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How the modern youth looks and puts on? (Part 1) of

Morning. Tram. Paradoxically, but there are practically no people. Before me two elderly women sit. At one of stops the couple of little boys comes into the tram. Here that women also began to discuss them. Here about what they carried on the conversation.

Boots and laces.

- You look what footwear at it. Same horror, orange laces and some bast shoe on a leg. Where parents look?

- I in it even on the apartment would be afraid to go!

These phrases from lips of women just characterized footwear, but as all of us know, the youth and fashion are practically synonyms in our world. Everyone wants to be allocated with something or to imitate another, or perhaps just such is chosen style. Remember when you call on somebody, and that person in slippers with rabbits. Too began to criticize? In our world thick sneakers practically at every second therefore it would already be time to equate them to normal footwear. Few years ago elderly women in the same way treated multi-colored footwear, but time goes and the world changes, and only the youth can keep up with it. They manage to understand quicker and novelties in the computer environment, they most quicker accustom to the fashionable world. In my opinion, exaggerated sneakers - it very much is even beautiful and modern, and the most important is convenient.


- That it at it for balls?

is a piercing, the daughter so speaks to me, it to itself pierced a stomach too.

About a stomach the woman was mistaken a little, and here the navel is pierced. Piercing is a one more component of a youth image. They without it, as without breakfast in the morning. Now all this fashionably and beautifully looks if, of course, not to overload the person " iron;. For example, very popularly began to put tunnels in ears (through ear rings with a diameter from 0,1 mm and indefinitely). But if saw, the person who inserts beer traffic jams into ears, then would obviously be terrified!

However, holes in ears begin to live only with huge scars so, I would not advise to spoil the ears. If such holes women in the tram would see, precisely would discuss teenagers from legs to the head. Of course, from - for piercing there are a lot of problems if not to monitor it. Though from what there are not enough problems now? Many from - for some ear rings lose sense of smell or touch, and at some even the hearing worsens. So, do not give short weight yourself " better; pieces of iron and without them it is possible to be beautiful.

A hairdress

- And you saw his hair? - And it is terrible to

to speak.

These young women even mentioned a hairdress. Most of young people dye hair. It is only image change, youth experiments in which all of us were engaged aged from 14 and to 18.

Lately black color which quite strongly attracts to itself(himself) attention became fashionable. Personally I cannot tell that the hair color somehow spoils a look or mind of the person, but it seemed to women quite so. Though, having looked at hair of red or acid color, it is possible and to reflect, than the teenager when he was recoloured in such color thought? But, as I already spoke, time goes, and soon there will be something new, and hair will grow, and the person will accept former shape.

Drawing a conclusion, it would be desirable to give at last one of descriptions of the young man who does not need to be met on clothes, and in our world it is better to meet on mind and to carry out also.

In present society thick sneakers, wide trousers, ear rings on a face and colored hair - here an image of the young man. But if the person is dressed in what now is fashionable or it is pleasant to him why it to judge or to discuss? It is enough to remember of the eightieth. Practically all submitted to fashion. Though there were persons who put on not by rules of fashion but only as it is convenient to them.

Time and clothes change, but people remain people irrespective of in what they are dressed.